Shadow Of Nyx – Melodis E.P.

Shadow Of Nyx – Melodis E.P.

SHADOW OF NYX – EP ‘’Melodis” (February 2023)

  1. Melodis
  2. No More Tears
  3. Waiting, Breathing, Feeling
  4. Conjure
  5. War Of Necessity

The “Melodis” is the perfect introduction to the sound of Shadow of Nyx. It is a release of a spotless, delightful and entertaining symphonic power metal, a debut EP that leaves only the best impressions.

In 5 songs, the Shadow of Nyx present a work inspired and inspiring. The EP’s general outline is formed according to the standards of the scene and composed by fast-paced riffs influenced by the European power metal and with sharpened high-end, bright, majestic choruses and hard-hitting and musical drum work. The essential epic element is, also, present and particularly in the EP’s closing track, “War of Necessity”, which is defined by its marching and epic feel and its grand, absolutely majestic chorus.

The Shadow of Nyx develop a multilayered musical structure, with ideas that fit perfectly atop their Symphonic power metal foundation. Apart from the distinct and essential genre defining sharp, high-end riffs, the Shadow of Nyx enrich their compositions with orchestral part, harmonized lead guitar lines, neo-classical ideas, and even some folk inspired passages that add even brighter tone to the compositions.

One song that really stands out and for a very good reason is the track “Waiting, Breathing, Feeling”. Distinctly melodic and with a melancholic undertone, this particular song is  memorable not only for its vibrant Europower sound, but for its incredible piano solo that comes as a surprise and steals the show.

With Bob Katsionis taking on the role of producer and mix engineer, the Shadow of Nyx combine their vision, ideas and creativity with Katsionis’ proved skills in a beautiful and exciting symphonic/power metal EP. The “Melodis” is a confident first step in the scene, an EP that only makes us looking forward for the full-length work that is to come.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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