Selefice – I Met a God

Selefice – I Met a God

SELEFICE – I Met a God (17 May 2019, self-released)

  1. Mora
  2. Kol Haneshama
  3. I Met a God
  4. Damned

Here we go with Selefice from Athens, Greece. Selefice were born at the exact period when the Greek metal scene was getting big. They were part of it for 4 years (1990-1994) and shared it with bands like Rotting Christ, Varathron, Death Courier, Horrified, Septic Flesh and Acid Death. In this period they gave us a significant demo for the Greek (and why not, for the European) Doom/Death scene (Demo 1991) and few years later the buried by time and dust obscure “Where is the Heaven” LP (1993).

“I Met a God” mini-album is their first work in all these years. The band has by half a new line-up. The core line-up in the guitars/vocals remained the exact same and there have been 2 additions in the rhythm section with both people being active in the scene from the old days. The new additions refreshed the band’s sound, but still the songs remain absolutely in their style. It’s like you know what you will listen, but you will get it delivered fresh. I am sure this material will preserve their fan base and add new metalheads in it.

The average length of the “I Met a God” 4 songs is around 6 minutes. Selefice have a wide pallette of riffs influenced from all the extreme metal genres (thrash/death/black), they have many Sabbath/Candlemass doom breaks, and they use progressive and psychedelic rock touches (Pink Floyd, Camel).

In their songs you will listen to black/thrash metal riffs (like the claustrophobic basic “Mora” riff) changing to heavy/thrash breaks. You will have heavy/doom riffs mixed with nice acoustic parts and almost thrash breaks (“Kol Haneshama”). You will even get to listen to the thrash of “I Met a God” breaking with nice doom riffs and clever bass lines. In the same song there is a beautiful lead bass in a nice cooperation with the drums leading to a Pink Floyd influenced lead guitar theme. The 1994 unreleased song “Damned” is a song that has been beautifully adapted to the present, although the older ones will surely discover its 90’s origin. I am very excited to hear such songs in today’s discography.

The rhythm section of the mini-album is groovy, accurate and thick supporting in the most excellent way the weird and original Selefice songwriting. The leads have a personal character which, filtering many different music styles, ends up in one unique performing style.

The vocals are unlike what you have ever heard. At times it seems like Selefice have invented their own language (listen to the 2nd verse of the same titled song “I Met a God”). When using normal English the voice tone varies from angry to desperate (“Mora”) and from war-aggressive (“Kol Haneshama”) to dark storytelling (“Damned”).

What do we have here? Well, the least we could say is that Selefice is a unique and very original band. You will never find a band that sounds like them. I have been a fan of originality since I started my journey in music and the least I can do is give them a welcoming thumbs up for their return! Try to listen to their material! You shall not regret it!

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