Scattered Storm


EP Title: Oblivion
Release Date: July 9, 2021
Label: Blood Blast powered by Nuclear Blast
Distribution: Blood Blast powered by Nuclear Blast

The men behind Scattered Storm are not new entrants to the metal game. Members Jay Arriaga played in Random Allusion, and Years of Cold; Andre Acosta also belonged to Pissing Razors and Years Of Cold; Kevin Armstrong is currently with Mondoshawan and toured extensively with Section 6. Ed Razor is the founder of Pissing Razors and he also played drums with Overkill and bass with Ministry.

The band’s debut EP entitled “Oblivion” is due out on July 9th.

Their sound is both primal and futuristic, with clean groovy tones coming from 7 and 8 string guitars and catchy, heavy vocals. I’ll add to mention a blend of groove, prog, djent, industrial, nu-metal and core elements, but all its own sound.

The EP isn’t a concept release, but each song meshes with the others and there is a distinct flow from one track to the next. Overall, it is captivating, showing off a band that is still experimenting with elements, but comes across as refined without sacrificing tightness.

Recommended for fans of bands Gojira, Tesseract, Fear Factory and Meshuggah.

Track Listing:
1. Aeon Flux (3:40)
2. Under The Fire (4:03)
3. Kingslayer (4:43)
4. Empty (4:23)
5. Necronomicon (3:16)
6. Scattered Storm (3:35)
EP Length: 23:41
EP Credits:

Produced by Jay Arriaga and Kevin Armstrong
Mixed by Jay Arriaga in El Paso TX, USA at Empty Paradise Studios
Mastered by Allan Wallace in Belo Horizonte, Brazil at Eminence Studios
Artwork Marco Pimentel
Music written by Jay Arriaga and Kevin Armstrong
Lyrics by Andre Acosta and Jay Arriaga

Line Up:
Drums, Keyboards and Samples: Jay Arriaga
Guitars: Kevin Armstrong
Live Bass: Eddie “Razor” Garcia
Vocals: Andre Acosta

Scattered Storm hails from El Paso, Texas, USA and is a state supergroup comprised of seasoned musicians Andre Acosta and Ed Razor from Pissing Razors fame with band founders Jay Arriaga (No Life on Earth, Years of Cold), and Kevin Armstrong (Mondoshawan, Section 6). Their music is very dark, futuristic and heavy, but also has a lot of ambience.

Formed in 2019, the band has been polishing itself since and decided on an ultimate direction to go in. From the beginning, there was a very clear understanding of every detail they wanted to incorporate. From the very tuning of the 7 and 8 string guitars and the very specific tonality, they produce the ambience provided by the keyboards to layers and layers of vocals to really convey Acosta’s sound. This is all finished off with the main focus, that catchy riff and rhythm to have the songs stay on people’s minds and headbanging of course. Gotta have headbanging.

A Scattered Storm song begins with Arriaga and Armstrong exchanging riffs, with an emphasis on a technicality, but never losing the groove. After the song is polished, it goes to Acosta who applies the fantastic to the real world through the vocals.

When Scattered Storm hits the stage, the audience can expect a combination of the primal vs the futuristic as described in the lyrics and song title names. In the summer of 2021, they are unleashing their debut EP “Oblivion” via Blood Blast Distribution powered by Nuclear Blast.

Scattered Storm – Kingslayer

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Band/Artist location – El Paso, Tx