Grinding Reaction

Grinding Reaction

Band founded in 2000 in the city of Diadema, region of ABC Paulista, formed by: JM (vocal), Hugo (guitar), Renato (bass) and Leandro (drums). With this training were released, two phonographic records the demo-tape Grinding Reaction (2001) and the CD / EP Opression, Negligence, Tears and Blood (2004). Both works bring their own compositions with themes that revolve around political, social and cultural issues of capitalist society, described from the reflective and critical look of the band. Musically the compositions show a modern mix of hardcore (Old School and New School) with Thrash metal and Death metal. 

In the process of publicizing this work, carried out in a completely independent manner, in the period 2002-2005, the highlights are: the radio broadcast of the song “You Do not Care” in the program “The hour and the time of Brazil”, old program Of 89.1 FM “Rádio Rock de São Paulo” and the reproduction of the songs “Nazi Bastards” and “Rise” in the program “Círculo de Fogo” by Viriato FM de Portugal. , Social Chaos and CAD (Slovenia) in Diadema, with the band Betume (Germany) in São Paulo, and two concerts with the Canadian band Figure Four in Minas Gerais and two shows in Rio de Janeiro with the band Imminent Chaos. Distribution of these records has generated a number of stories in fanzines, webzines and magazines such as “Rock Brigade” and in various locations in Brazil and other countries, such as Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Belgium and Portugal. 
In 2005, the band undergoes its first change of formation with the departure of Hugo and the entrance of André and Gustavo on guitars. Gustavo remained in the band for only a few months. The team only stabilized with the entrance of Dione in the guitar in 2006. With the musicians Leandro, Renato, JM, André and Dione. The G.R., made concerts in the main underground bars of São Paulo like the “Manifesto” and “Blackmore”. And began an intense process of restructuring the old songs and a new phase of composition of material. However, for specific reasons of some members and problems of conviviality the band Grinding Reaction, in September 2008, ended its activities abruptly. 
In 2011, after the reunion of Renato, bassist, and guitarist Hugo, founding members, the G.R. project resumes. However, the project does not develop due to the instability in the formation, over three years, marked by the constant search of musicians that meet the demands of the band. After much searching the current line-up is closed with: drummer Weslley, guitarist and vocalist Ricardo, guitarist and backing vocals Victor and bassist Renato. 
In 2015 the band participates in Red Sand Fest, dividing the stage the legendary band Ratos de Porão. In the same year, GR launches, its second EP “Time, Persistence and Fury”, which is a review of the EP “Opression, Negligence, Tears and Blood”, which serves to commemorate its 15 years of existence and also indicate the new Music tracks to be followed by the band. This EP is getting a lot of acceptance from the public and independent media specializing in the underground scene, performing shows, interviews and positive reviews. 
In 2017, the band’s objectives are to continue the release of the EP “Time, Persistence and Fury”, the launch of the video clip “Culture of Terror” for the first quarter and enter the studio to record a full disc and release it until The second semester, besides continuing to make shows.

Grinding Reaction – Cangalha

Grinding Reaction – Aqui “Os Fins Justificam Os Meios”

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