Course Of Fate

Course of Fate
Somnium (DOWNLOAD)
ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
Release: 25 August 2023

“Somnium” is dedicated to the memory of Jan Daniel Nygaard.

Course of Fate is back with the follow-up to 2020’s critically acclaimed Mindweaver. An album heavily colored by the loneliness and insecurities of two years of pandemic lockdowns. “Somnium” hits harder and darker than its predecessor while simultaneously touching deeper with some of the most moving material the band has ever written. Incorporating elements from both contemporary as well as classic Scandinavian metal genres, Course of Fate hits with a wider, heavier and more diverse sound than their prog metal label could ever cover.

“Somnium” will be released on August 25, 2023 as Digipack CD, Violet Vinyl limited to 300 copies worldwide and digital streaming/download format.

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• Produced by Course of Fate
• Mixed and mastered by Arnold Lindberg at Sound Industry GTB AB winter 2022-23
• Guitars, bass and vocals recorded at Red Valley Garage, Drums recorded at PMB Studio, Keyboards recorded at Studio Saugstad
• All music by Kenneth Henriksen except “Wintersong” by Per-Morten Bergseth, Kenneth Henriksen and “Valkyries” by Marcus Lorentzen, Kenneth Henriksen
• Lyrics by Eivind Gunnesen, Kenneth Henriksen
• Cover art and booklet layout by Stan W Decker
• Photos by Terje Metaworks Johansen
Course of Fate:
Eivind Gunnesen – Vocals
Kenneth Henriksen – Guitars
Marcus Lorentzen – Guitars
Daniel Nygaard – Bass
Carl Marius Saugstad – Keys
Per-Morten Bergseth – Drums
Guests on the album:
Jeanette Heidenstrøm – Backing Vocals
Stephan Hay – Backing Vocals
Catharina Damman – Backing Vocals


1.    Prelude
2.    Morpheus‘ Dream
3.    Wintersong
4.    Blindside
5.    Rememberance
6.    Vile at Heart
7.    Valkyries
8.    Echoes
9.    …of Ruins

Course of Fate also celebrate the ten-year anniversary of their first EP “Cognizance” by re-releasing it on August 25, 2023!
 Originally released by Fateroom Records back in 2013, this 4 track EP was Course of Fate’s introduction to the world of music. After this first CD edition was completely out of stock and without being listed on the digital platforms, it was about time to celebrate its 10-year anniversary with a full pack and a slightly updated and refreshed front cover artwork without massively changing the original! Available again via ROAR! Rock of Angels Records as Digipack CD and for the very first time as digital streaming / download and more importantly as Purple vinyl, limited to 300 copies world-wide!

1.    Paralyzed Mind
2.    Perpetual Entity
3.    The Last Day
4.    Premonition
Cognizance EP line-up:
Eivind Gunnesen – vocals
Kenneth Henriksen – guitars
Marcus Lorentzen – guitars
Carl Marius Saugstad – keyboards
Daniel Nygaard – bass
Kenneth Tårneby – drums

Course of Fate – Morpheus Dream

Course of Fate – Blindside

Course of Fate – Endgame

Course of Fate – Drifting Away

Course of Fate – Utopia

Course Of Fate – Perpetual Entity

Course Of Fate – Paralyzed Mind

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