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Andy B.AND


Andy B. AKA Andy Bernstein has been the primary singer-songwriter for roots rockers The VooDUDES since 1990.  As that band passed its silver anniversary, Andy found his composition book full of tunes – many that didn’t fit The VooDUDES’ M.O.  Inspired by the rise of Americana and soul music, Andy began a solo recording project choosing John “JP” Pittas to co-produce (his credits include productions for Blues Leaf Records, among others). The resulting collection is entitled My Roots are Showing; it’s released under the moniker Andy B.AND (as in “Andy B and whoever will play with him”)



  1. Great Time Comin’
  2. One More River
  3. In My Dreams
  4. Slow Dancin’ Barefoot
  5. Mary Ellis
  6. Break Some Else’s Heart
  7. Better Do Something ‘Bout That
  8. Incandescent Lightbulb Blues
  9. My Baby’s Gone (arr. Gary Ambrosy)


All songs (c) 2016 Andy Bernstein. Published by Cohen-LaVeau Music, BMI.

Tracked, engineered, mixed and mastered by John Pittas @ Benet Street Underground, Morganville, NJ

Arranged and Produced by John Pittas and Andy B (unless otherwise noted)


Accordion/Keys: John Pittas

Acoustic guitars: Gary Ambrosy, Marco Dolce, Greg Stier

Bass: Paul Daloia (upright, trks 1-8), Fred Saunders (electric, trk 9)

Dobro: Gary Ambrosy

Drums: Dave Ambrosy (trk 9), Jake O’Handley

Electric guitars: Gary Ambrosy, Greg Stier

Fiddles: Perry Leandro (trks 7,8), Dick Paul (trk 5,9)

Mandolin: Dick Paul

Pedal steel: Bob Bernstein

Percussion: Andy B

Saxophones: John Asti (trk 3), Tommy LaBella (trks 4,8)

Vocals: Dave Ambrosy, Gary Ambrosy, Andy B (lead on all tracks), Lorraine Crown, Sharon Lasher, Jaclyn Welsh

The songs range around American roots influences from the funky mountain spiritual Great Time Coming, to the DAP Records-style soul of Break Someone Else’s Heart; from the Bert Berns-inspired AM radio rocker In My Dreams, to the rockabilly gospel of

One More River.  Even The VooDUDES “ghost” perform on the driving-and-crying tune, My Baby’s Gone. These songs showcase Andy B’s love of American roots music and emotional, storytelling lyrics sung in a voice one reviewer labeled “the sound of a bourbon bottle lined with gravel.”

Over the years of touring and recording, Andy B’s voice and style have received such reviews as:  The Tampa Times referred to his “Howlin’ Wolf vocals”; Blues Revue said “Andy B has a deep, clear voice a la Buster Poindexter with way more Southern edge.” The Santa Monica Sun called his vocals “blues-drenched.”  And his personal favorite, from the Rochester City Paper: “Gravelly voiced Andy B sings like he genuinely loves every minute in front of the microphone.”

Tunes from My Roots are Showing have appeared on two compilations: 

WNTI’s 55th Anniversary collection (Break Someone Else’s Heart) and Bongo Boy Records’ In Asia #3 (In My Dreams). In addition, the track Incandescent Lightbulb Blues was presented as part of the program unveiling the Thomas Edison commemorative  mural in Edison, NJ’s municipal complex. To continue that Jersey theme, the CD includes the tune Mary Ellis. This is Andy’s historically accurate folksong about the grave in the New Brunswick, NJ, movie theater parking lot that allegedly inspired the Looking Glass hit Brandy.  [Looking Glass members were local college students.]

Various tunes from My Roots are Showing are in rotation from Western Europe (The Soup Gato Show [Holland]; Radio Love [UK]) across the US to stations in Asia playing the Bongo Boy compilation. Further radio activity includes a podcast interview on IMG/Mojo Radio and live features on Rock on Radio; Fishcreek Radio Presents; Music FridaysLive! In Los Angeles, and the Debbie Scott Radio Network.

Andy B is now bringing his own project to life at select events featuring regional artists “doing their own thang.”  Andy B.AND SoulFolk have performed at Bourbon Street Blues Festival; the 2016-17 Light Of Day Festivals; DelawareCanalFest, and Hub City Music Festival. The backing musicians comprising SoulFolk appeared on his CD; they are Gary Ambrosy (Gtr), Paul Daloia (Bass), Bill Homeyer (drums) and Greg Stier (Gtr).

Wikipedia’s entry on the New Brunswick, NJ music scene finds Andy mentioned alongside the Smithereen’s Pat Dinizio as one of the: “local luminaries…who has been fronting bands since the late ‘70s.”  Andy B continues to gig with The VooDUDES, and toured with the Juke Joint Jonny Blues Trio. 2013-15; he appeared in Glen Burtnick’s BRITISH INVASION TOO in 2014.

Notable quotes and reviews about My Roots are Showing:

Andy B.AND aka Andy Bernstein has his first solo effort with In My Dreams, which is an acoustic ‘60’s sounding song that is enhanced by the old time sound.”   Michael McKenna, Steel Notes Magazine

“I like the new stuff…the acoustic Great Time Coming and the Van Morrison feel of In My Dreams – great stuff.”    Matt Angus, Producer of Black Potatoe Festival

“Thanks for your new music!  It struck me you had a spiritual point to make, at least on the album’s first few songs.  Very cool!  Having said that, it was the 3rd & 4th songs, In My Dreams and Slow Dancin’ Barefoot that got me bopping.  Some good, heartfelt (catchy hook) lines you’ve got going, hats off!” 

Glen Burtnick, songwriter/musician, The (Electric Light) Orchestra

“Andy B. thank you for your new CD, My Roots are Showing. It is getting much airplay here on the Roots Rock Review and the listeners are digging it!”

Greg Gaughan, Roots Rock Review, WBZC

 “Andy Bernstein, for the past 30 years, has been rocking around his New Brunswick hometown about as long as his neighbor Pat Dinizio of The Smithereens. It’s time to go solo. My Roots are Showing by Andy B.AND is a roots-reverent gospel retro-soul Americana folk project where his lowball swoon of a voice carries the proceedings atop a fine mix of instruments including accordion, keyboards, guitars, bass, dobro, drums, fiddles, mandolin, pedal steel, percussion, saxophones and background vocals. Self-released, self-written and sung with authority, it’s a lowdown trip like listening to Hot Tuna before they went electric, but fronted by Dr. John.” 

Michael Greenblatt, Rant & Roll

“ANDY B.AND’s My Roots are Showing is planted deep. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!”  Dave Sherman, The Folk Project

“A great artist…a fabulous musician…and all-around cool guy.”

Richard “DJ Rick” Bedell, Fish Creek Radio/On-Air Records

Andy B.AND – In My Dreams

Andy B.AND – Mary Ellis

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