Zed trouble in eden

Zed Trouble in Eden

Zed – Trouble in Eden

Zed trouble in eden


2.Save You From Yourself

3.The Only True Thing

4.Today Not Tomorrow

5.Trouble In Eden

6.Blood Of The Fallen

7.High Indeed

8.So Low

9.Across The Sea

10.The Mountain


Band Members: Pete Sattari- Guitar/Vox, Rich Harris – Drums, Greg Lopez – Guitar, Mark Aceves – Bass

Okay, so how can I describe ‘Trouble in Eden’, the third album by San Jose hard-rockers Zed? Well to be honest, if you take the best bits of Black Stone Cherry, add them to the best bits of Inglorious, you will have a good idea.

Newly signed to Ripple Music, ‘Trouble in Eden’ sees Zed keeping up the bluesy hard rock sound that has become their trademark, only this time they have held nothing back.

The album opens with ‘Royale’. Solid guitars, heavy riffs and strong vocals make this a storming opener that ensures that the listener wants to hear more. ‘Save You From Yourself’ is a very blues driven number, quite funky at times, but rocking at all times. The next track ‘The Only True Thing’ opens with a classic riff that leads into a pumping track and some great vocals again.  The next few tracks ‘Today Not Tomorrow’, ‘Trouble In Eden’ and ‘Blood Of The Fallen’ all have great riffs and plenty of ‘moments’. This really is an album that goes exactly where you want it to go.

‘High Indeed’ has another great opening riff and a funk like groove to the verses. This band can rock on so many levels. ‘So Low’ is reminiscent  to Synyrd at their ‘Gimme Back My Bullets’ best. This soon transforms into a blistering rocker. ‘Across the Sea’ is a steady rocker with head shaking guitars. I would love to see this track performed live. ‘The Mountain’ ends the album and doesn’t disappoint either. Starting off slowly, the listener is soon taken on a journey through some heavy riffs, clever lyrics and thunderous drumming. On an already brilliant album, Zed have left the best ’til last.

I urge you all to seek out this band, buy this album, see this band in concert. They are good, they are better than good. You will love what you hear.

Thanks to Stu Craig

Peter Devine October 2016