Zack Fowler

‘Thought About Me’ is released on April 14th 2023

Since emerging from the west country back in 2022, 26 year old pop-punk poster boy Zack Fowler has been channelling the likes of Blink 182, Machine Gun Kelly and Sum 41 in order to create his own brand of emotionally-charged and upbeat pop-punk that manages to pay homage while dragging the genre kicking and screaming into the contemporary.

Having spent his youth being excluded and eventually expelled from several schools before finally receiving a diagnosis for several disabilities including ADHD. It was a diagnosis that allowed Fowler to finally understand aspects of his life he previously hadn’t, something that he’s taken forward and now plays a big part in his song writing and lyricism while helping those of his fans in a similar position to he was to feel seen, heard and most importantly understand, with some even going so far as to get tattoos of his logo.

With over 25k monthly listeners on Spotify, and a recent single ‘drunk text’ racking up over 50,000 streams in its first month, it’s obvious that Zack Fowler is making all the right moves, and impressing all the right people.

Indeed, with his most recent single ‘SOS’ doing much the same, it’s a trajectory Fowler is well and truly set on. And if forthcoming release ‘Thought About Me’ is anything to go by, his ascent will only get quicker.

At less than two minutes long, it’s a short sharp shock to the sense that fuses elements of EDM with a more traditional take on pop-punk than his previous offerings. The result is a deliciously eclectic affair that elevates Fowler above his contemporaries.

“‘Thought about me’ is a track written as a rejection song, as homage to people like me who feel like they dont fit in, part of a society told what to do and when people do things that make you think you’re friends but arent you soon realise ‘Fuck everyone i’m on my own’” Fowler explains.

“A lot of people have said that this is the favourite of all the songs we’ve got in the locker and right down its feelings of angst, and its interesting elements of synth and hat tips to EDM.”

Now with four singles under his belt already, and with seven more in the pipeline to be drip fed to fans over the next year or so, you can expect to be hearing a lot more from Fowler over the next 12 months.

Zack Fowler – Thought About Me 14th April

Zack Fowler – 2K

Zack Fowler – SOS

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