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Banana Republic is the opening track of the album “Tropical Fuzz” by Yur Mum. The British- Brazilian rock duo formed by Anelise kunz and Fabio Couto talk a little bit about the ideas behind the song and the video.

“Banana Republic was inspired by Brazilian music and Brazilian musicians who lived through a dictatorship period during the 60s and 70s. They had to be creative in order to avoid censorship and persecution. As they were being constantly monitored, song writers cleverly began to disguise their political views in between the verses of joyful pop songs.

We wanted this music video to be vibrant and to capture the energy of the song. Initially we thought maybe a samba dancer could help set the sarcastic tone of the track but eventually the idea developed in a different direction and we felt like exploring Umbanda as a theme, which is a very interesting Afro-Brazilian religion that many people from other cultures don’t know about.

We also wanted to feature a dancer who could blend Latin and African American dance with contemporary. She should look like she was in a trance rather than simply doing choreographed dance moves. Fortunately we found the talented Kim Stark who happened to have Brazilian roots, which was a bonus.

We asked our friend and former band mate from Plastique, Gabriel Ralls, to direct this video. He had previously directed the SWEATSHOP music video and has produced and directed many artists including electronic dance duo Koven, Tokyo Taboo, The Actions and his own project, Koto Kill. He managed to put together a great crew who worked really hard as we could only afford a one-day- shoot. We hope people appreciate this video as we put a lot of time and effort in it.”


Director: Gabriel Ralls
Director of Photography: Liam Healey
Art Director: Fabio Couto
Colourist: Lajos Pataki
Gaffer: Hassaan Menk
1st AC / 2nd Camera: Luke Priadi
Production Assistants: Alesha Desai and Taylor Desai
Dancer: Kim Stark
Make-up: Myura Amara

Yur Mum’s first release on Chapter 22 , Tropical Fuzz, is available now on Yellow heavy weight 180gms vinyl and CD with limited edition merch bundles available from

Their second studio album will be their first as a two-piece, Fabio Couto (Drums) and Anelise Kunz (Vocals and Bass) are Yur Mum and the rock duo have this to say about the new album “Tropical Fuzz is not a lockdown album. We’ve had the concept for a while. This is a new chapter for us (No pun intended) as we had to reboot how we make music and give everything we had to write songs as a duo. The limitation actually forced us to explore new musical horizons and revisit our roots. The tracks have several different influences but generally it’s a colourful and energetic album, and it’s the best thing we’ve ever done.”

Track Listing

  1. Banana Republic
  2. Tropical Fuzz
  3. Kiss and Tell
  4. Dig Deep
  5. Sweatshop
  6. Crazy
  7. Je Ne Sais Pas
  8. Happy Mantra 2020
  9. Black Rainbow
  10. Rio 69

Yur Mum – Banana Republic

Yur Mum – Black Rainbow

Yur Mum – What Do You Want

Yur Mum – Sweatshop

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