World Chaos

World Chaos

world chaos

We draw inspiration from injustice and the complacency that seems to pervade everyday life. We believe lyrics to be equally important as the music. Some of our lyrics are anti-establishment as it seems the masses, now more than ever, are happy to be fed propaganda aimed at reflecting the ideals and the agenda of whoever is in power at the moment. Commercialism equals complacency and for that reason we have total disregard for it.

Musically, we’re heavy, fast and hard and try our best to remain original. We believe in songs and therefore retain a strong sense of melody and groove. At the same time we don’t want to be pigeon-holed and strive to retain our identity, even if this entails resorting to unorthodox time signatures at times. We are sure our songs will speak for themselves and prove we are a multi-faceted band.

As our motto states: More balls, less bollocks!

Guitar and Vocals – Cosmo Furiati
Bass – Sue Spider Gettings
Drums – Ian Harding

World Chaos – Round The Corner

World Chaos – Downturn

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Band location – West Yorkshire England

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