Winter Hotel

In 2017, two university students met at a pub in Bangor, North Wales and bonded over their passion for music. These guys were Warren Porter and Liam Osment, who later decided to take their spontaneous meeting as a sign to start playing music together.
Melding their individual loves of slam death metal, post-hardcore, and midwest-emo, Winter Hotel was born to cross boundaries within the underground music scene.
Inspired by the work of Stephen King as well as Phil Bowen’s poem “November Hotel,” the project plays with its listeners’ expectations through each release. Their debut EP ‘Vacancies’ is a collection of 5 singles that are being released individually as chapters of a larger narrative. Mixed and mastered by Myroslav Borys (Jigsaw Audio), the songs are greatly inspired by the history and scenery of their home in Bangor, North Wales. With more songs soon to be released and a handful of great gigs under their belt (including Metal to the Masses 2020), Winter Hotel hopes to lift their listeners up above life’s more dreadful moments.

Winter Hotel:
Warren Porter – Vocals
Liam Osment – guitar
Charlie Wignall – drums
James Clay – bass

Winter Hotel – Waste

Winter Hotel – 19

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