It is with great joy and anticipation that we can finally announce the release date for our debut album “Waking Moment”
It’s coming on the 10th of December, lock it in ya diary’s, save it in your notes, plaster it on yar walls, it’s almost upon us!
We’ve been working away on this thing for what feels like forever, it’s gone through hell and back but it’s finally COMING and we cannot wait to get it out there for you all to hear!!
More information as to how you can acquire the album WILL be forthcoming…
‘WINDSHAKE’ are Sam Thomas (Guitar, Vocals and Keys), Oliver Thomas (Drums and Vocals) and Ethan David (Bass) a dynamic 3 piece from the South of Wales.
On New Year’s Eve of 2018/19 the 3 piece released their much anticipated debut EP ‘Feeling Friendly’ which is now available on all popular music platforms. Alongside the release followed their second music video to the first track off of the EP ‘Sleepy State of Shame’.
The three-piece begin their rise within Swansea’s music scene and were “a crowd-favourite” for many at the Swansea Fringe Festival. The three of them have performed together over a hundred and fifty times across Britain and into Paris whilst also releasing multiple single’s such as “Collector”, “Early Morning Reveller”, “The Awful One”, “A Bag Full of Wonders” and “Get Around (Don’t Get Up). The latter was released alongside their first music video.

WINDSHAKE – Don’t Rush (The Phone Will Keep Ringing)

WINDSHAKE – Sharing Machine

WINDSHAKE – Orange Raincoat

WINDSHAKE – Sleepy State of Shame

WINDSHAKE – Get Around (Don’t Get Up)


Band location – Swansea Wales

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