Wild Horse


This is perhaps the key sad moment on the album. The song is about someone expressing deep regret for not making the most of their partner or taking them to the movies, which can be argued to be a key pillar of romance, before they tragically passed away. The person begs to see their partner one more time so they can gain some closure and apologize for taking them for granted. It serves as a reminder as to how important our loved ones are to us and how we should always show this, because you never know if you will see them again. Musically, this track provides a juxtaposition to the upsetting lyrics to mask it in what seems to be, on first listen, a feel-good summer song, until you delve deeper into the meaning behind the lyrics.

Championed by BBC Introducing and critics from both sides of the pond, Wild Horse are prodigious in every way. Jack Baldwin (18), older brother Henry Baldwin (21) and friend Ed Barnes (19) on drums gel together flawlessly to form irresistibly catchy indie rock, always uniquely infused with their diverse tastes.

 Wild Horse cover all bases – incorporating pop, classic rock, punky reggae, blue-eyed soul, dirty funk, rap, Latin and so much more into their distinctive sound – truly their own brand of indie.

 Lyricist Jack takes inspiration from daily life, relationships, and (naturally) the experiences of being a politically charged Gen Z-er living in a chaotic social and political landscape. With an extremely mature song writing style far beyond their years, Wild Horse continue to excite, engage and captivate their ever-growing audience with each release.

 The East Sussex boys are renowned for an exciting, powerful stage show, having honed their craft from an early age at all the iconic venues in London & the South East as well as several festivals, often playing the same stages as many of their heroes once did. The reviews or their songs have been brilliant and extensively played on many radio stations worldwide. Their tracks & albums are available on all major platforms.

 With 4 full albums already under their belt, more are always incoming with double single ‘Can’t Stop / The Room’ released in December and recording about to start on album number 5.

 “One of the most promising new guitar bands we’ve come across, Wild Horse just keep getting better. Their song “CAN’T!” is further proof that well, they can!”

BBC Introducing – 27th May 2020

Wild Horse – THE MOVIES

Wild Horse – Can’t Stop (Meeting on the Dancefloor)

Wild Horse – Time’s Up

Wild Horse – Don’t Want You To Go

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