WEIRD TALES Release Video For “Hard Times Killing Floor Blues”

Polish Psychedelic Doom act – Weird Tales release new video for the track “Hard Times Killing Floor Blues”. Watch the video here:

Weird Tales adds:
“Hard times don’t create strong men. It devours their will to live, mangling ’em and distorting them until nothing is left but the empty shadows, bleak reminiscence of a living thing, sneaking around dirty streets of the ghost town.”

Polish Psychedelic Doom act of three – Weird Tales have teamed up with legendary publication Doomed & Stoned to give something back to their fans. Starting February 8th, Weird Tales will be launching a merchandise giveaway through Doomed & Stoned. Entry only requires a few easy steps and instructions can be found  here:

WEIRD TALES “Y’all Motherfucker’s Forgot ‘Bout Good Ol’ Son of a Bitchin Blues” EP now available physically!

Polish Psychedelic Doom act of three – Weird Tales thicken the plot of their tale with a brand new EP – “Y’all Motherfuckers Forgot ‘Bout Good Ol’ Son Of A Bitchin’ Blues”, which was released on all major streaming platforms and on CD January 15th, 2021 via Interstellar Smoke Records. Which, like everything else from this twisted trio, dares to go far outside the confines of what you would expect from a doom album. Physical copies and merchandise can be purchased through Interstellar Smoke Records here:

With this record, Weird Tales pays homage to the true founding fathers. Where it all began, the kings of blues!  With out blues, there is no rock, with out rock there is no doom metal, and without doom metal, well, let’s not even speculate where Weird Tales would be.

The concept of this album – pass the blues through the Weird Tales prism, twisting and bending it until it’s barely recognizable. Catch the essence of each track, wrap it with our heavy riffs and extrapolate. The result? The heaviest blues album ever put forth!
The first single from the album – “Got The Blues For Murder Only” can be heard here:

Weird Tales adds: “How we are sick of covers! It’s always the same, note by note covers, slowed down, tuned down – the DOOM covers. How we are bored by it! The only acceptable form of cover – is an abstract one. A new self-contained, original piece of music. Whole new riffs and arrangements, and still, it is a cover. It’s bound to the original with it’s intention and message. The cover that is a rethinking of the original becoming it’s evolution.

With this EP we’re retelling with our own language the killer blues of four men.

Lonnie Johnson, Skip James, Blind Willie Johnson, Muddy Waters are the four motherfuckers who knew what’s this all about done way before you were born.

It is our vision of what is the most important in this blues.
Our blues in 2020.”

WEIRD TALES – Got the Blues for Murder Only

WEIRD TALES – Crawling Pain

WEIRD TALES – Warnings

Band/Artist location – Warsaw Poland
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