WARCHEST – “Sentenced Since Conception” 

Release date: 05-04-2019
Label: Toxic/Mechanix
Genre: Thrash/Death
Country: Chile
“Sentenced Since Conception” is Chile’s WARCHEST new and third album and the first to be released internationally, showcasing a powerful step forward in the band’s career. Fans of the South American metal style will be rejoiced by this new effort, as well as fans of the good, old and vicious thrash/death metal assault, which will see in this album a must-have for their collections!

Formed on Sept 2009, Warchest is a Chilean metal band striving to become a new face in the south-american metal scene. Mixing old-school thrash elements of classic 80´s bands with modern influences of new sounds in metal music, Warchest manages to blend different sounds making their music dynamic and over-the-top, sounding like just what´s lacking from metal bands nowadays.

Having release two albums; “Aftershock” (2011) and “Downfall” (2015) the band has been constantly pushing to get their message and music spread through the entire metal world.

Warchest – The Haunted Chapel

Warchest – Fake Disciples

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