Walt’s Frozen Head

Walt’s Frozen Head – ‘Bon Yeti Bon’ EP

(Released September 10th 2021)

“A swirling riot of psychy garage rock ripe with hollered madness, off the wall melodies, Stylophones and fuzzy guitars with echoes of everyone from early Flaming Lips and Pink Floyd to MGMT ” – God Is In The TV.

When Alfie Enzo crawled from the fiery wreckage of yet another failed band, it was with the realisation that things needed to change. Dissatisfied with the constant compromises that come with working with other people, a solo project was his only choice.

Armed with this realisation, his next steps were clear. What wasn’t however, was just how disturbed that final car crash of an indie project had left him. That was, until Walt reared his ugly, Frozen Head.

“The Bon Yeti Bon EP was born out of a few factors” Enzo explains. “It was an opportunity to have complete creative control. Experimentation was key to what I wanted to achieve, something dynamic with lots of character and personality. The willingness to fail and not worry if I occasionally tried something that turned my cheeks slightly crimson if it didn’t work.”

By the record’s experimental nature alone, it’s safe to say there were a few moments like this. After all, there’s a fine line between brilliance and insanity. Take ‘Low Hum’ for instance, and Alfie’s idea of submerging his head in a bucket of water for a vocal take. Where on that fine would such atypical recording methods fall?

Then again, Bon Yeti Bon is an EP hinged on the atypical, though this won’t come as surprise for anyone already familiar with Walt. “As a fan of all things strange, surreal or weird be it comedy, art, film and art/acid rock I wanted to find a way of pulling all my varied influences together. Could a horror, comedy, art rock assortment work?

“Another of the key questions was how far can you push quirkiness/silliness in rock music before it crosses the line into comedy?” Enzo continues. “ The answer was quite far! I realised if it’s surreal and trippy with a dark undertone you really can be quite daft.”

Dark, surreal and daft. All words that perfectly describe the deliciously deranged and brilliantly batshit world of Walt’s Frozen Head. From tales about the eponymous appendage to acid-fuelled love stories Bon Yeti Bon is the perfect way to sate any appetites whet by its previous singles.

“I was searching for a particular blend of ideas that incorporated art pop/rock whimsical 60’s psychedelia, outsider music, darkhumour, horror and cartoony elements” Enzo closes “While a few acts came close (Ariel Pink, Cuz) I realised this was the goal, but also a crafty rendezvous between the melodic and esoteric, a frolic between the traditional and experimental.

It’s this stylistic marriage that makes Bon Yeti Bon, and indeed Walt’s Frozen Head, such exciting, if not unsettling, prospects. Steeped in esoteric influence, but ultimately a product of their own creation entirely, it’s time to throw yourself down the rabbit hole.

Walt’s Frozen Head – Low Hum

Walt’s Frozen Head – Mungo Takes A Ride

Walt’s Frozen Head – Walt’s Frozen Head

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