Vyce Versa

Vyce Versa

Rhandy Degarmo and Ricky Elam decided it was time to do something different, something from the heart. So we went out and quickly built a power house band of musicians in Ju Mcelroy on Lead Guitar, Corey Matayabas on drums and Kevin Rogers on guitar and digitals.Filling out a line up that was the solid theyve ever been,

They quickly hit the studio, and as they just quickly finished their first 8 song EP due out early August the boys will then hit on the road promoting the album.Keep an ear out for the next new single coming out in a week and an eye out for the next time they will be in your town throwing down like they do!

In the mean time, spread the word…..

Ricky Elam-Lead Vocals
Rhandy DeGarmo-Bass &Vocals
Ju McElroy-Lead Guitar
Kevin Rogers-Guitar & Digitals
Currently Auditioning drummers

Vyce Versa – Life Is Temporary

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