Victoria Llewelyn’s Sunday Sofa


 Every Sunday afternoon Victoria brings you a cosy Q&A session with some of the most exciting new and/or unsigned bands and artists currently on the scene. Who will be on the sofa this week?

Sunday 26/02/23

White Raven Down Feature

White Raven Down Interview

“For us music is about expression and creativity, without it
all three of us are miserable and unbearable to live with
according to our partners! It’s about being true to ourselves
as people.”

Sunday 29/01/23

Vambo Feature

Vambo Interview

“Whilst we keep our feet firmly on the ground, we want to
play as many festivals as possible so that more people can
hear our music – we are not afraid to work to get there.”

Sunday 22/01/23

Venomous Rose Feature

Venomous Rose Interview

“We also want to continue playing alongside more and more
awesome bands, play some fantastic venues up and down the
country and make more friends along the way!”

Sunday 15/01/23

Small Town Saviours Feature

Small Town Saviours Interview

“What I can say about Lance’s lyrics is that when I listen to them,
I know how honest he is being – we’ve been on some adventures
together, and when I listen back to what he’s singing about
sometimes, it’s like flicking through a photo album”

Sunday 08/01/23

Rainyday Rainbow Feature

Rainyday Rainbow Interview

“Really out there, going for the outsider vibes and bringing them inside
to a warm forever home. Made for people with eclectic taste, by people
with eclectic taste. I like soup.”

Sunday 01/01/23

Bang Bang Firecracker Feature

Bang Bang Firecracker Interview

“The industry has total control and ultimate influence over those
they allow to make it BIG in music. Something must change!
Which is why we won’t sign our music away.”

Sunday 18/12/22

King Kraken Feature

King Kraken Interview

“We really pride ourselves on our live performance being very
visual and powerful in tone and energy, that for us is what gets
our name out there most,”

Sunday 11/12/22

One Last Day Feature

One Last Day Interview

“We would love nothing more than to be able to continue
making music and grow our fan base, and find ways to
inspire other artists and musicians in the future.”


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