Victoria Llewelyn

Victoria is an established freelance music journalist and reviewer for several mainstream publications in the rock and metal music scene.   As well as this, Victoria currently works with a bunch of UK and international bands and artists covering everything from media and promotions to tour management and bookings.   She works with both new and established (and some very famous) bands to support their progress in the UK and overseas.   She has overseen some really successful events and works on the Midnight Tornado Touring team to bring international bands over to the UK for tours nad festivals.  

Victoria manages NWOBHM band Airforce Airforce UK | Home.   She lives in Manchester but can frequently be found in London or South Wales adding a little magic to the live music scene.

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Small Town Saviours – Small Town Saviours

If punky, riff driven, high-speed rock n’ roll is your thing
this album should be on your shopping list for sure.

The City Kids – Filth

“This album is furiously entertaining, bold and forceful,
everything about it is in-your-face glory.”

Black Lakes – For All We’ve Left Behind

“Much anticipated and very much needed, this album
has come along at exactly the right time and I hope
it’s going to be the first of many.”

Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour – Tree Bridge Cross

“‘Tree Bridge Cross’ shows you a deeper, darker side to
the Dogs, there’s a heavy sense of meaning behind every
track and you can feel how deeply personal some places
have been for them.”









White Raven Down

“For us music is about expression and creativity, without it
all three of us are miserable and unbearable to live with
according to our partners! It’s about being true to ourselves
as people.”

Hearts and Hand Grenades

“We shot a lot of stuff around, but we ended up with Hearts
and Hand Grenades because you can be nice and cuddly
and then you could be beastly and explosive at the same time!”

Venomous Rose

We also want to continue playing alongside more and more
awesome bands, play some fantastic venues up and down the
country and make more friends along the way!

Small Town Saviours

“What I can say about Lance’s lyrics is that when I listen to them,
I know how honest he is being – we’ve been on some adventures
together, and when I listen back to what he’s singing about
sometimes, it’s like flicking through a photo album”

Rainyday Rainbows

“Really out there, going for the outsider vibes and bringing them inside
to a warm forever home. Made for people with eclectic taste, by people
with eclectic taste. I like soup.”

Bang Bang Firecracker

“The industry has total control and ultimate influence over those
they allow to make it BIG in music. Something must change!
Which is why we won’t sign our music away.”

King Kraken

“We really pride ourselves on our live performance being very
visual and powerful in tone and energy, that for us is what gets
our name out there most,”

One Last Day

“We would love nothing more than to be able to continue
making music and grow our fan base, and find ways to
inspire other artists and musicians in the future.”

Steve Janevski from Wicked Smile – Interview

“I’ve heard stories of some big name bands refusing
decent supports in case they make them look bad!
For us it’s about the event as a whole, and we want
everyone sounding as great as they can be.”


Soundmind – Bannerman’s Edinburgh 13/11/2022

“Stripped to the waist (apart from Esje since she’s a lady), sweaty
and as raw as it gets, enthusiasm pours out of these three like
floodwaters as they attack every song with aggressive devotion.”

Gypsy Pistoleros – Live at HRH Sleaze 27/08/2022

“They are ostentatious, colourful, up in your face and create just
as much atmosphere and thrill with the visual element of their
set as they do with the music”

Stevie R Pearce and the Hooligans Sheffield Corporation Aug 22

“Stevie eyeballs everyone in the room as he delivers the tagline
‘This ain’t safe rock’… it’s both a warning and a promise, and
it’s exactly what we want from them.”


January 2023

For most of us January is a pretty quiet month, recovering from Xmas mayhem and listening to all the good advice on morning TV about how we’re all going to lose weight and save money in 2023.   Doesn’t work like that in my world, lovelies!   Xmas for me was an enforced hiatus and now I can get back to doing what I do best and pushing the music forward!

As Airforce’s newly appointed manager I’ll be catching up with everyone on the British Lion tour which kicks off on January 6th and runs to January 19th.   Airforce and Voodoo Six will be the opening bands, and we really can’t wait for these high-energy shows to remind us of what we’ve been missing! We have a band meeting scheduled which is likely to end in chaos but plans for the year have to be made, and with the new album nearing completion it’s going to be a big year for the guys.  Can say no more at this point but trust me, any NWOBHM fans out there need to watch this space!

I’ll also be at Dementia Aware on 14th January supporting this awesome event and catching up with old friends Pete K Mally, Gypsy Pistoleros and Circus 66.   

Towards the end of the month, I’ll be tagging along with RANSOM for their performance at HRH NWOCR, they don’t perform their originals set very often (great shame) so I can’t wait for that.   I’ll finish up with Dirty Honey back in Manchester on 25th January where I’ll be reviewing the show for My Global Mind online rock and metal magazine.

I might consider taking a day off in February but probs not.

Have an incredible month, rockstars, and please come and say hi if you see me at any of these events, I love a chat!

Victoria xxx

Victoria backstage with The Dead Daisies