Viboras were born in September 2003, a few months after the love-at-first-sight encounter between the band members on the set of Berenice Beach’s (Sal and Beppe‘s previous band) video “Jennifer”: Irene, main character for the video and Gio, director, immediately feel the spark with guitarist Sal who suggests they start a new band and soon asks Beppe to join the project.
In four months the band composes and records a demo at Milan’s Malibu Studio, “We Bite”, and after a brief label search enters Ammonia Records’ roster, recording the first studio album “Wrong” at the renowned West Link Studio in Pisa just a year after their formation. From then on the band tours Italy, Austria, Spain joining prominent punk festivals like Eastpak Etnika Rock and the very first edition of Rock in Idro, sharing stages with memorable names such as Toy Dolls, Darkest Hour, Punkreas, Derozer, Pornoriviste, Alberto Camerini.
During the writing of the second album Irene Viboras features in songs by Thee STP, Punkreas and J-AX to name a few: the latter with the 2.5 millions of views for the
“Tre Paperelle” video and the following sold out shows at MTV’s TRL Awards and Live Club opens the band to a broad non-genre related public.
In 2010 the members decide to put the band on hiatus to focus on personal artistic projects, but the absence of the “Viboras” entity hits hard after all: after finally releasing “We Are With You Again” in 2015 live shows and composing start again and the years of standby give birth to “Eleven”, third studio album recently recorded at Frank Altare’s 33Hz Studio.

The band is currently with The Jack Music Agency and working on the fourth album.
Stay tuned!

Irene Viboras – vocals & guitar 
Sal Viboras – guitar & vocals
Giò Poison – bass & backing vocals
Beppe Best – Drums

Viboras – Raise

Viboras – Where Were You

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