Veritas – Silent Script

Veritas – Silent Script

VERITAS – album “Silent Script”– (August 22 2023, Sliptrick Records)

  1. Limit
  2. Creation Groans
  3. Grind Away
  4. Buried
  5. Unchained
  6. None Enslaved
  7. Betraying Sight
  8. Oxygen
  9. More Than I Can Say
  10. One People
  11. Somniloquy
  12. Modulate

We had the privilege to be one of the first websites globally to listen and review the brand new unreleased yet Veritas sophomore album “Silent Script”. This monstrous American Heavy Metal band delivers the goods once again with “Silent Script” in what is their best release to date! Let’s go to a track by track review of the album!

“Silent Script” sets off with “Limit”. Its thrash (a-la Metal Church) riffs and the amazing bass-lines are the passage to Denny’s voice which you can imagine somewhere between an a “Piece of Mind” Bruce Dickinson and Ray Alder’s (Fates Warning) best moments. It is a great headbanger song with super nice riffs and a brilliant a-la Jeff Waters (Annihilator) lead.

“Creation Groans” has the right guitar and drum groove. Veritas have shaped a rather own style in which Queensryche, early Iron Maiden and Fates Warning dwell. The basic riff of the song is fantastic and the lead guitar has a classic metal touch found in Yngwie Malmsteen’s works.

“Grind Away” first seconds have this fantastic theme on the bass and drums. Greg Wenk’s heavy metal riffs are of high quality and they are technical plus here you have some excellent fills here on the drums by the master Mark Zonder. Denny Anthony’s vocals show maturity and passion.

“Buried clean” guitars build up a quite different song. This is something new for Veritas, a very fresh and different approach. The electric guitar passages over the acoustic (clean) themes boost the dynamics of the song. The sweetness of the lead guitar part portrays a different aspect of Greg Wenk’s talent. Denny’s high vocals change to epic narrations to tell the story and I believe this is a style Veritas should further explore and a trademark sound for them.

“Unchained” has a haunting intro with a great idea on guitar plus some super nice passages on the bass from the master Geno Alberico in this heavy metal song.

“None Enslaved” furious thrash opening riff brought to mind Accept. Denny sings in this one with a sense of a classic rock singer. Veritas have many hard rock influences and this is really nice and in favor of their sound.

 “Betraying Sight” includes some of Denny’s most gigantic vocals. There is also a huge groove. The riffs are super heavy and there are some fantastic breaks. There is also an amazing work on the chorus!

“Oxygen” has a crawling riff and clever rhythmical changes with an eastern feel. The dreamy but powerful vocals reveal the band’s musical growth. The song features an exceptional lead and a general fantastic vibe.

“More Than I Can Say” is a song with a King Diamond feel. The acoustics and weirdly layered psychedelic/heavy vocals, the classic heavy metal bass themes, the dreamy atmosphere and the rocking vibes offer some of Veritas best moments here. Veritas have mastered their own sound for sure.

“One People” is a very beautiful song with a strong Iron Maiden feel. The riffs are mid tempo and the outro theme comes with a fantastic idea to close this beautiful tune.

“Somniloquy” has a very strong vocal performance from Denny who shows here a glam/hair metal side of the band that will be loved by fans of Guns and Roses, Aerosmith and of course KISS.

“Modulate” is the last song of the album. It is a 7 min epic track that has everything: heavy riffs, dynamic grooves, technical changes, a mystery vibe and a surprise! The drum solo in the middle of the song is something that the legendary drummer Mark Zonder does for the first time in his long career (a career which includes titan bands such as Fates Warning, Warlord and tons more). Geno Alberico joins him with an amazing bass line!

Like the band’s label Sliptrick Records says: “Silent Script” is the new album from Veritas and it contains 12 new tracks from the American hard rock/metal band. If you enjoyed the band’s previous works, especially the Threads Of Fatality album, then the new Veritas release guarantees to amaze you! The band themselves are totally thrilled about the final product!” “Silent Script” is officially released on 22.08.23. Pre-order it here:

Review by Mr Athens 79

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