Velvet Ocean

Velvet Ocean

“Purposes And Promises”, the debut album of Oulu-based VELVET OCEAN offers atmospheric and emotionally charged songs.

With its equally powerful and soulful release, the seven Finns join the long, absolutely high-quality series of Gothic and Melodic (Dark) Metal bands in their part of the earth map.

Official release: February 7, 2020

01. It’s So Hard 03:20
02. Tonight 03:47
03. Requiem 05:05
04. Butterfly 05:27
05. Truth Or Illusion 03:01
06. Elysian Fields 03:58
07. Broken 03:58
08. Innocent Eyes 03:28
09. Lullaby 04:14
10. Salvation 03:58

total: 40:16 min.

The debut album recorded in this way, which later got the title “Purposes And Promises”, was handed over to Johan Örnborg and Jens Bogren for mixing and mastering at the well-known Fascination Street Studios.

“Purposes And Promises” was released on February 7, 2020 via Helsinki Records and is distributed by Warner Music Finland.

The title of the album describes the motivation of the Ronkainens behind the album project. It has been the sole purpose of their lives for the last few years, says Jake, and the promise they made to complete it has held the project together throughout the hard work period.

Riitu Ronkainen • Vocals
Jarkko ‘Jake’ Ronkainen • Guitar, Vocals
Jani Lehtinen • Guitar
Tuomas Vesa • Bass
Jami Alaverronen • Synths
Arto Alikoski • Cello
Bastian Schallschmidt • Drums

Velvet Ocean is an alternative melodic metal act from Oulu, Northern Finland. There are seven of us including two guitars and a cello in the band.

The story of the band began in 2015 when Riitu and me where kind of having talks how to get our musical aspirations directed into a project where things would be happening perhaps in a bit more goal-orientated and efficient manner. Before that we had had separate band projects but then we decided to start a song writing project together. In about half a year the song writing was well on the way and we started looking for local players first for studio sessions and later to join the band. The album recordings where finished in 2017 after which the mixing and mastering was completed by Johan Örnborg and Jens Bogren in Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. At that point we weren’t particularly eager to publish the record on our own and after some search we got into talks with Helsinki Records who evidently got interested in the music and recently published the album. Now we are of course eagerly waiting to start the gigging at full steam and are also planning the next single with Helsinki Records.

Velvet Ocean – Elysian Fields

Velvet Ocean – It’s So Hard

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