Germany’s black metallers Vargsheim have unveiled the first single to be taken off from the band’s upcoming and fourth full-length “Söhne der Sonne”, which is set to be released on March 22nd via MDD Records. Entitled “Scheiterfeuer”, the single is available on all relevant streaming platforms and a video was also recorded for it, which is now available on Youtube!

01 Individuum
02 Scheiterfeuer
03 Söhne der Sonne
04 Staublunge
05 Blutmond
06 Feuerteufel
07 Athenas Kuss
08 Töchter des Mondes
09 Vom Horizont gefallen

Vargsheim combine Scandinavian-inspired black metal with 70s rock elements to create an atmospheric and completely unique style. This German trio could not care less about clichés and conventions – honest lyrics meet black riffs! 

From the ashes of “Art of Blood”, Vargsheim’s first line-up came together in 2005 as guitarist Kaelt, singer / bassist Harvst and drummer Bloodwolf. 
In early 2006 they recorded a demo CD, with Harvst creating the artwork for the first time. Since then, he has been mainly responsible for graphic design. Naavl took the sticks in his hand and became the new drummer while Kaelt started to write as a singer and lyric writer. Since the “Vargsheim vs Hlidskjalf” split of 2008, the brothers Harvst and Kaelt have shared this role equally.

From 2007 the band started playing their first gigs, for example with Shining, Forgotten Darkness and Morrigan.

Having released their first full-length album “Weltfremd” in 2010, Vargsheim signed to Mirkwood Productions where they put out a split CD with Imperium Decadence one year later. In 2011 the trio played the Wolfszeit Festival, and in 2012 they featured at the Barther Metal Open Air.

Since 2013 Vargsheim have been under contract to MDD Records. Their first release on the new label is their current work “Enlightenment”.

The three musicians have been members of Imperium Decadence since 2008.

Vargsheim – Scheiterfeuer

Vargsheim – Traume der Schlaflosen


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