Validor – Full Triumphed

Validor – Full Triumphed

VALIDOR – “Full Triumphed” (2 February 2022, Symmetric Records)

  1. Dawn Of New Age
  2. Son Of Fire
  3. Man Of Steel
  4. Strong Winds
  5. Blood Metal Legions
  6. Silverhawks
  7. Gladiator
  8. The Ten Thousand
  9. Conquest Of Steel

VALIDOR’s sound is forged in iron (and crowned in steel), the exact musical equivalent of two colliding armies. Raw, rough and powerful, the sound of VALIDOR waves the flag of Blood Metal.

The title “Full Triumphed” describes exactly and to the point the album. This is what proper foreshadowing looks like. After listening to the record one can’t possibly say anything else but acknowledge how great this album was, since both musically and lyrically has everything that an album representing a genre called Blood Metal must have.

Tales of sword and sorcery about warriors, gladiators, battling gods and demons, historic stories about armies fighting to return home and even two songs about the ‘80s cult icons Silverhwaks and Robocop. There is something for every taste in the “Full Triumphed” but all share one common denominator. A soundtrack of epic riffs crashing down like thunder.

Formed by Odi “Thunderer” Toutounis, the “Full Triumphed” is VALIDOR’s fourth full-length release, meant to be unleashed in February 2nd.  For this album, VALIDOR has joined forces with the producer and multi-instrumentalist Bob Katsionis, who has taken up the duties of lead guitar, bass and keyboard, completing the musical arsenal of Odi while adding his own artistic signature in the final product.

How good is the result? I believe that I have already revealed that but there is no harm in repeating it, especially when the praises are well-deserved. The “Full Triumphed”, once more, is absolutely killer.

The “Full Triumphed” combines the epic story telling of bands like Virgin Steele and second-era Bathory, the raw, unharnessed sound of the kings of Metal, Manowar, and some speed and thrash elements courtesy and influence of Blind Guardian. Aggressive, raw and rough, with heavy riffing guitars, a solid, beefy low end that works as foundation and with powerful drum work, the “Full Triumphed” is everything a heavy/epic album or more properly a blood metal must sound like.

At this point I am confident that I made my point and convinced you that VALIDOR’s new work is an album that you should be excited about. However, no words can describe enough the listening experience, so save the date and the title to find out yourselves how great the “Full Triumphed” is.

Review by Mr Athens ’79

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