Two Year Vacation – Interview

Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD: What type of artist are you?

TYV: We’re dead serious about our music and non-serious about everything else.


PD: Tell us the brief history of yourself.

TYV: We met in legendary studio Svenska Grammofonstudion where our bass-player György works as a record producer, he had recorded all of us in our previous bands so he put us all together. After that it’s been a great ride!


PD: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

TYV: There’s to many in both categories but some of the biggest ones are Peter, Björn & John, David Lynch and IKEA.


PD: What are your dreams and goals?

TYV: The day a fan tattoos one of our song titles will be a glorious day! We also dream of nightliners and roadies, for obvious reasons.


PD: Who writes your songs, what are they about?

TYV: We all write, some more than others but generally someone comes with an idea and we complete it together. We have a quite collaboratory process and we try to be open to each others ideas.


PD: How do you promote your band and shows?

TYV: You have to work with social media today, it makes all the difference. But we always try to make posters for shows, real life marketing is so much more important in the digital world than people tend to think!


PD: What do you think about downloading music online?

TYV: It’s a hard question, obviously we like when people support their favourite bands by buying their merch and music. But the prosecution of people defending internet integrity feels quite worriesome. I think we’re on the fence on this one, we like to imagine a world where people choose to pay for their music without being forced to do so.


PD: What song do you wish you’d written and why?

TYV: ”I want to know what love is” by Foreigner because it’s just one of those perfect melodies and chord progressions, you just have to take your hat off.


PD: What are some of your pet peeves?

TYV: Stau on autobahn, too heavy food before shows and there’s a everlasting war about the temperature in the tour bus going on. 


PD: What is your proudest moment in music?

TYV: I think one of the proudest moments was the first time a fan made a cover of our music and sent us, that felt really huge. We’re pretty down to earth people and to hear that you inspired someone else to play is one of the highest praise you could possibly give us.


PD: So what are you working on at the moment?

TYV: Promoting our new album ”Laundry Days”, trying to find covid-safe ways to play live and we’re always working on more music!


PD: What music have you available online and where can we buy it from? 

TYV: We have two EPs that are released as an album, and two regular albums. You can buy it from our instagram, listen to it/buy it on Spotify or our label Clouds Hill. The new album will be in record stores all over the world if you’re into flicking vinyls.

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