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Twisted Oliver

Twisted Oliver

This band has come a long way, from the first band (The Dickenz) that brought them together to the different bands and careers that separated them by oceans, to the present which has become “Twisted Oliver”. It is literally  the “test of time” that has brought them back together– well, at least two of them.

In 1996 the band “Little Dickenz” left for Athens, Greece, after playing for a few years in Los Angeles and basically, like most bands, never got anywhere. One of the band members was from Greece and suggested that they go there, so off they went. Once they arrived and got situated it was obvious that the club scene was quite a bit better than in Los Angeles. It wasn’t long before they were playing to a growing following, and after a couple of years, playing to some pretty big crowds. Not only was this great for their morale, it gave them great experience as well as the influence of the Eastern musical culture that can be heard in their music as of late. Unfortunately, this was before the internet and cell phones, so there’s not much documentation of the band. Greece was great fun, but after a while founding band member, Matt Hirte, felt that he was losing control of the band’s musical direction. After 3 years in Greece he headed back to Los Angeles. This was not the greatest feeling because heading back to LA was pretty much like heading back into the “lion’s den”, or maybe the “hyena’s den”– laughing. Matt immediately got right back into the next band/project. Getting together with his old drummer and a bass player who was recommended by a friend, he got to work immediately on the next CD. To make a long story short, the band thing wasn’t working out, so Matt decided to turn it into a solo project. After completing the CD “Future Days”, the project continued to be delayed and being the kind of person that cannot quit, the CD was released in 2004.  The one thing that gave a little hope was the internet and the growing number of resources and services that were becoming available to the “non-connected” musicians of the world. For the first time, the “Lone Musician” had a medium to reach out and connect with potential fans, but still not an easy task. Trying to put a band together was extremely frustrating but as always Matt forged ahead and began working on his next record, “The Test Of Time”. After many more trials and setbacks, the CD was finally released in August 2016.

Matt’s music is influenced by nearly every rock band from the early 70s through the 90s – Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Yes, Kiss, Rush, even Steely Dan, and of course most of all, AC/DC, Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Alice In Chains and others.

The new CD, “The Test of Time” is a monument to great songwriting and quite the challenge musically. It is truly unique. It has evolved into a melding of influences from just about every favorite band a person can name to date. It is driving, melodic and heartfelt, and pretty much will kick your ass.

Twisted Oliver – Enemy Within

Twisted Oliver – Matt Hirte – WHI Blue Flame

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