Twingiant is a Phoenix, Arizona based loud and heavy band that formed in the spring of 2010. Since its inception, the band have refined its sound from a conceptual stoner rock template to a 70’s rock based guitars meets modern sludge metal. The band consists of Jarrod Le Blanc (Vocals/Bass), Tony Gallegos (Guitars), Nikos Mixas (Guitars) and Jeff Ramon (Drums).

To date, they have self-released a full-length LP (Mass Driver) and a 4-song EP (Sin Nombre) and released their 2nd full-length entitled Devil Down in December of 2014. Medusa Crush Recordings from Canada released Devil Down on cassette in January of 2015. Both Mass Driver and Sin Nombre received excellent reviews from numerous blogs and fans and the reviews for Devil Down were outstanding.

Twingiant have played numerous shows in both the headlining and support capacity locally and out of town. Twingiant have played with the likes of Windhand, Pallbearer, Witch Mountain, Metal Church, Satan’s Satyrs, Cobalt, Mantar and The Midnight Ghost Train. Twingiant have also played festivals such as Southwest Terror Fest and Denver Doomfest. Twingiant successfully toured the Midwest United States in the fall of 2015.

In the summer of 2016, Twingiant recorded a 2 song demo and was signed to Argonauta Records.  Twingiant is currently writing new material for a 2017 release.

Jarrod – Bass/Vocals
Nikos – Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals
Tony- Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals
Jeff – Drums



On March 16th 2018 SLUDGELORD RECORDS will re-issue Twingiant’s classic album Mass Driver. The album will be released on digital, CD and vinyl formats. 

Mass Driver is a conceptual album about a drunken space hobo who passes out in a garbage barge when he is jettisoned out into deep space.  The songs detail his hangover nightmare as he attempts to return to a dumpster on planet Earth. 

Pre-order information will be available soon.

Mass Driver line-up:

David Natkin-Guitars
Jeff Ramon-Drums
Nikos Mixas-Guitars
Jarrod Leblanc-Vocals
Christopher Warmuth-Bass

Twingiant – Throttled

Twingiant – Shadow of South Mountain

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