What is the Rock Opera about?

Once upon a time in very early 1970′ I had met him wore blue jeans and jacket, held a suitcase of contraband western vinyl records, it was unusual in the USSR. Rock’N’Roll was a form of inner resistance, a way for an individual to remain himself.
There was something in the air. We had been talking about brining of the East and the West together and waiting for revelations.
We had been slightly guessing in 1970′ that communism was going to die in a couple of decades. However the system has created Homo Sovieticus (pseudo-Latin for SOVIET MAN). They had killed the best people and poisoned other by propaganda. Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote: God and the devil are fighting for mastery, and the battlefield is the heart of man. Probably it is possible to see a human soul as a vessel that is divided by a thin membrane on two parts for black and white. Black can grow up and push white out, but always there is possibility for white to conquer black. But not for a Sovieticus’s soul that is of deadly grey colour as this thin imaginary membrane is fully destroyed. Grey will never be white. The Soviet Union has dead. Homo Sovieticuses gush out to the West with nouveau riche businesses and unlimited money. The West meets the East. The West is turning to grey…

Turahtan – The Worm Who Eats The Globe

Turahtan – Panic on Regents Street

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