Trouble in the Garden

Trouble in the Garden

Trouble in the Garden

“Trouble In The Garden”, is an original band from South Florida, with roots in various styles of music. The core of the band is “Rej”- Guitars, Vocals, Songwriter, and more, and Guido- Basses, Vocals, Songwriting, and more, and Marty- Drums, Percussion, Vocals, and more. The sound is unable to be labeled in one specific genre, because of the diversity of songwriting that comes from Rej, and Guido.
While “Trouble In The Garden” has been recording in studio, they have also started to play publicly, which has opened up many huge opportunities.
While playing an open mic night, a film producer saw, and heard the band, and loved a specific song so much, that he wrote a new scene in his movie, because of the song. After that, the band was invited to be the first band to perform, and be interviewed for a new TV Late Night show, and also have been receiving many requests to play larger venues.
Their stage performance is engaging…energetic…and the tunes will have you moving, clapping, jumping, stomping, and singing along. But suddenly…they will play a song that will squeeze tears out of even the toughest, hardest, hearts. With a wide spectrum of clever lyrics, storytelling, abstract, metaphors, and really catchy hooks, they will have you entertained all night long.
The band never rules out using other non-traditional instruments for their sound, either, and enjoy using violins, horns, or any instrument that the songwriting may call for, as they channel it through.

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