Trope – Lambs

Trope – Lambs

Dave Thompson – Guitars
Diana Studenberg – Vocals
Reggie Hache – Bass
Aleks Amer – Drums

Regular visitors to the site will know that I don’t usually write reviews for just one track. They have to be either exceptional or there’s been a bribe handed out somewhere (joking). Well I can assure you that no money has changed hands and I can also assure you that “Lambs” by Trope IS exceptional.

TROPE is an alternative rock band from Vancouver, BC. The band formed in 2016 when guitarist/producer Dave Thompson showed vocalist Diana Studenberg the embryo of what came to be their first song, Lambs.

Lambs is a brooding, progressive alternative rock song in varying time signatures. A song about bullying.

I first listened to the track on a sunny Tuesday morning. The skies were blue, the birds were singing and all was well with the world. Little did I know that this world was about to change.

From the ‘Marillionesque’ opening, “Lambs” immediately caught my attention. “This is sounding a bit special.” I thought as vocalist Diana Studenburg’s beautiful, yet threatening voice sets the tone. The heavy, thumping guitars attack from the sides and we are left in no doubt that Trope mean business. “Lambs” grows and builds into an atmospheric onslaught on the senses, I simply cannot praise it enough. On the strength of “Lambs” I want to hear more from this band, and that has to be a good thing.

I have a section on my site called ‘Track of the Day’, maybe I should add a new one called ‘Track of the Year’? 

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