Travel Amygdala

Travel Amygdala

Travel Amygdala

Travel Amygdala High energy live performances, unique sound combining metal genres as one, and powerful new age vocal harmonies sets them apart amongst the rut.

The name is a tough one. People have a hard time grasping the “Amygdala” part. The word refers to a part of the human brain which homes emotions, such as fear and rage. Instincts, which stem to memory, are also a part of it. 

“When we place the word ‘travel’ in front of ‘amygdala’, we are trying to make it visual, giving the name the same texture our music has. We ‘travel’ through our ‘fears and rage’, driven by our past which respectively affects our future. We represent the journey of life. We are the waves, hills, currents, quakes, and sunny days. We are your happy place and your biggest fears all put in front of you screaming in your face”.
Travel Amygdala

Travel Amygdala – Family Tree

Travel Amygdala – This is Nothing

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Band location – Revere Massachusetts

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