Tralala Delivers an alternative Indie Pop Double Single

Let’s get you introduced to Tralala, a band made up of two people that decided to take alt pop into their own hands and has been releasing tasty EP’s and singles since 2020 and have been gaining plenty of traction since the beginning.

Songs like “Out Of Line” and “Get Up (Just Don’t Lie To Me)” ramped the band up from the start but “Like You” took off and likely helped them realize they were making some damn cool music.

This hasn;t stopped with the newest double single “Winded / What’s The Point” and it doesn’t look like it’ll be the end either.

The songs have a great approach to indie pop by taking elements of sub genres and rolling them all up into these very robust feeling pieces.

The songs have personality and charm as they take a synth-pop base and build outward from there creating these atmospheric and full songs.

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“Chris and I started this project for fun. We just needed an outlet. But from the very first round of exchanging hands, it felt like we hit lightning in a bottle and have been having a blast ever since. The biggest change is our confidence has just been building over the last 2 years.  We also take more chances and will continue to iterate until we are both satisfied. Because our work is asynchronous, we have learned that being patient can really pay off. Sometimes songs disappear into a black hole only to reappear a few months later completely transformed ”  – Tralala

Tralala – Winded

Tralala – Get Up (Just Don’t Lie To Me)

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