Tragedy Mask

Tragedy Mask

American Groove Metal band Tragedy Mask released their debut album «Theatrum Tragoedia». The album was recorded in “LKS Recordings” and mixed/mastered by Tobias Falk.


1.Autothysis 05:22
2.The Blood of an Artist 05:08
3.Human Condition 05:15
4.72 03:49
5.Generation Supernova 05:50
6.Sisyphus 04:59
7.Nowhere to Run 04:50

With a multitude of vocal styles ranging from guttural screams to soprano cleans, the prominence of the fretless bass, and an onslaught of chaotic dynamic shifts and stylistic changes within the compositions, Tragedy Mask is experimental yet unpretentious, progressive yet traditionalist, and ultimately accessible to fans of many different styles of extreme music. Though the compositions are not tailored to one specific sub-genre of metal—rather focusing on visceral, emotive heaviness and melodic progression—some reviewers have regarded Tragedy Mask as being an innovator in a movement of Post-Groove, with elements ranging from groove, melodic death metal, and dark power metal to nu metal and hardcore. Tragedy Mask is a solo project which was started in 2019 by J. Ryan Seaba, based in Tiffin, Iowa, USA.

Tragedy Mask – Sisyphus

Tragedy Mask – Autothysis

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