Together In Tragedy

Together In Tragedy
Sydney Metalcore Sensations Release
Blistering New EP ‘Memoriam’

Sydney Metalcore Sensations Together In Tragedy release their sophomore EP ‘Memoriam’. Balancing a congenial blend of heaviness and groove, ‘Memoriam’ moves with purpose, severity and a cathartic deluge of emotional themes.

Just a few seconds into the introductory track ‘Griefwound’ will reassure anyone that Together In Tragedy have had a glacial shift in their boisterous sound. Listeners will be treated to new elements such as spoken word passages and hip-hop influences amongst their signature onslaught of pure aggression, bludgeoning breakdowns and ferocious riffs. Swerving between delicate dynamics and the extreme heat of their heaviness, each track unleashes an intensity that aims a punch right at the jugular. 

Vocalist Alex Woollams’ on the release “The overarching theme of “Memoriam” is coping with loss. This is a continuation of sorts from the overarching theme of our debut ‘Delirium’ that was dubbed “a cleanse of regrets”. Everyone has experienced loss in one form or another. I want the listener to figure out what these songs mean to themselves and how they can relate to or find comfort in the words. The instrumentation of this EP uses traditional song structure the entire way through which was a new thing for us. There are a lot more riffs compared to our previous work and a heavy emphasis on groove rather than just trying to be as heavy as possible, this helped us create catchy hooks and choruses that are worth repeated listens” 

No strangers to the Australian Heavy Music Scene, their debut extended play ‘Delirium’ rooted Together In Tragedy as one of the finest metalcore acts on the East Coast. Multiple tracks including  ‘Drawing Dead’, ‘Victimizer’ and recent singles ‘Collapse’ and ‘Ghostmourne’ have landed the band in Homegrown And Heavy, Brutal Breakdowns, New Metal Tracks & New Core Spotify Playlists, among countless user lists. Together in Tragedy return with a highly anticipated follow up ‘Memoriam’ to stamp their identity on heavy music.

1. Griefwound
2. Erasure
3. Collapse
4. Subsistence
5. Digression
6. Ghostmourne

‘Memoriam’ is available to order in digital & physical formats via

Together In Tragedy – Ghostmourne

Together In Tragedy – Collapse

Together In Tragedy – Disgust

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