Tiffany Twisted

Tiffany Twisted – Sold My Soul

Formed around the steadfast duality of Hetti Harper inimitable vocal delivery and Adam Davies’ driving guitar, Tiffany Twisted are a London-based four-piece that have been turning heads since they exploded on to London’s live scene back in 2019.

It’s not just on stage where the band have been making a name for themselves, however. Last year’s debut EP, This is the End, also succeeded in doing so. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios’ Studio 3, it channelled the nostalgic sounds of the rock music the band were raised on.

Now embarking on writing their debut album, which combines a love of heavy rock, post-hardcore and hip-hop with themes that cover the mystical, philosophical, and spiritual, it won’t be long before fans get their first taste of new material.

Until then however, for those who just can’t wait that long, Tiffany Twisted are rereleasing that debut EP in Dolby’s new 3D sound technology on March 27th 2021, with ‘Save My Soul’ the EP’s lead single.

Described by the band as being “a story of loss and heartbreak but also of rebirth, of being in a constant state of change and finding purpose in the strangest, and sometimes darkest, of places”, it’s a soaring statement of a single that’s as cathartic as it is uplifting, providing listeners with a sense of optimism at a time when most of us could really use it.

Tiffany Twisted Are:

Hetti Harper – Vocals
Adam Davies – Guitar
(Gio Metaxas – Live second guitar)
Jack Francis – Drums
Stephen Clift – Bass
(Harry Pike – bass on EP)

Tiffany Twisted – Sold My Soul

Tiffany Twisted – Speaking In Tongues


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