‘Embraced By Death’
(Black Metal)
(Adirondack Black Mass Records)

Release Date: June 16th 2023
FFO: Sargeist, Taake, Sarkrista
Location: International: Sweden, Greece and Indonesia

Thymata is a new black metal entity with members from Sweden, Greece and Indonesia:

Guitars & Bass: Michael (Grimtone, Arsonists of Lucifer, Nattmaran)
Vocals: Kostas B (Apocalyptic Leaders, Grimtone)
Session drums: Ekay (Nattmaran)

The debut album “Embraced By Death” will be out on tape and CD june 16th 2023. Vinyl will follow later. Adirondack Black Mass will release the CD and vinyl! War Productions will release the tape. The music is harsh, yet melodic black metal with multi layerd vocals and choirs. Big and atmospheric one minute, fast and claustrophobic the next. No compromises, only true devotion to the black arts. For fans of: Pure second wave black metal. Both Michael and Kostas B have a long background in the black metal community, having released many albums between them. Michael has written and recorded albums with: Grimtone, Arsonists of Lucifer, Nattmaran, Dommedag, Unholy Tenebris, Sattyg. Kostas B has written and recorded albums with: Apocalyptic Leaders and recently appeared on tracks with Grimtone.

In 2022 Kostas B was asked to join Grimtone as its permanent vocalist. Michael had an album written that didn’t fit under the Grimtone banner and Thymata was born. Kostas B added vocals to the music in a new and exciting way, using choirs and multi layered vocal lines, creating an original approach to black metal. Ekay, who plays with Michael in Nattmaran, stepped in and recorded the drums for the album as a session member.

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