Thy Kingdom Slum

Thy Kingdom Slum


Target : “Thy Kingdom Slum” (aka “TKS”; aka “the Rebellion”)

Background:  Origins; Greater Windsor Area; Ontario, Canada
Date of Assembly: 2016
Number of Dissidents: 5
Threat Level : HIGH

Stated Goals: claims to be a tactical musical response to the  Huxleyan nightmare that is consuming the globe to the detriment of the free.

Reweaponize musical frequencies to awaken the complacent and inactive dissenters.

Provide the soundtrack to the revolution!

Known Members of “the rebellion”:

The Architect : Trevor De Block  (aka “Red Beard”; aka “Red Rover”; aka “the Gardner”)

Whom it has been said had, “sewn the seeds he planted and now harvests the cream of the crop. Hand picked each specialist for this mission. The man with the master plan…

 The Operator :  Michael Edwards (aka “Operator M”; aka “Squints”)

Provides the vocal transmissions to mesmerize and capture the listener’s focus, bringing strength to the message of “the rebellion”

The Programmer : Chris Mayville  (aka “Professor Rex”; aka “Dr. Noodles”; aka “Doc”)

“Doc” Sublimates aural waveforms into an airborne antivirus. Sterilizing the minds of the putrid infection of cultural conditioning

 The Driver : Brandon Gourley  (aka “Danger”; aka “the multiplier”

The exponential factor providing dynamic motion with a firm foundation. “The Driver” gets “the rebellion” where they need to, when they need to be there.

The Assassin : Ray Solomon  (aka “Moonie”; aka “the Jackal”; aka “X-Ray”

Operative in deep undercover. Subsonic frequency weapons specialist. The 5 String earthquake machine, gifted with the Gab.

Known facts

The Architect and Operator M were both assigned to a previous  Mission Code Name: LoDown.

Armed with weapons of mass distortion…

Trevor De Block – Rhythm Guitars and B. Vox
Brandon Gourley – Drums
Chris Mayville – Lead Guitars
Michael Edwards – Lead Vocals
Ray Solomon – Bass Guitar

Often Associated with Umbrella Company known as “Slum World Productions”. Production, and Record company

Thy Kingdom Slum Debut EP release Party

Thy Kingdom Slum – Reign/Black Flags

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