This Twisted Wreckage

Debut album coming soon… This Twisted Wreckage – Ei8ht

Luke “Skyscraper” James, former frontman, singer, guitarist with the punk/new wave pioneers Fàshiön (toured in the early 80’s with The Police, Duran Duran, U2, The B52’s, The Cramp, Joy Division, The Fall and many other seminal acts).

Ricky Humphrey (Ishkah, Nature Kills, Rise) Producer, musician, composer and arranger, contacted Luke to discuss collaborating on a new project, below is the result:

Eight explores betrayal, isolation, fake news, anxiety, love, hope and oppression, all wrapped up in in a musical canvas of killer rhythms and melodies.  From Pop to Progressive Rock, it’s all covered here on a debut album that is the soundtrack to a pandemic, lockdown and a transition into whatever world the future may hold.  It is the glimmer of light in the rolling black clouds of a brave new world! 

Eight is made up of 8 tracks and are as follows; 

Dancing With Angels
Another Ride
Brave New World
Back Up Again
Through The Wall
Digging The Same Hole

Luke’s lyrics paint a picture, and puts you right in the thick of things, creating a visual and captivating experience.  An emotional trip that is at times dark.  A case of picking yourself up when you have been trodden into the ground, dusting yourself off and beginning again. The music is transitional throughout, encapsulating the vocal and carrying it on its journey. The album will take you on a ride of ups and downs, with vast landscapes, ghost towns and a mind, having to come to terms with the life changing moments that occurred during a 21st century pandemic, something we have all had to deal with.  But there is always room for humour and positivity, and that is not overlooked on this album.

For more insight into the world of a Luke “Skyscraper” James, checkout his book.

This Twisted Wreckage – Honesty

This Twisted Wreckage – Ei8ht

This Twisted Wreckage – Dancing With Angels

This Twisted Wreckage – Speed of Light

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