theselands enough for love

THESELANDS – Enough For Love

THESELANDS – Enough For Love

theselands enough for love

  1. Enough For Love
  2. Reckoning
  3. Believe
  4. Take It In
  5. Out of the Dark
  6. Save Me (From Myself)

LA based THESELANDS have an excellent debut EP out. “Enough For Love” contains 6 tracks that highlight the country/Americana/crossover acts broad range as musicians and song writers.

Produced by Dylan Lee Kalogris, Zack Djurich, and Greg Murray “Enough For Love” opens with the anthem like title track. Asking the question “Are we strong enough for love?” this slow moving track builds as the question gets answered.  “Reckoning” follows, this has a much stronger modern country vibe than the other tracks. Slide guitar and honey deep vocals flow as the story unfolds. “Believe” opens with an uplifting beat that flows beautifully as we are carried along helping THESELANDS to believe. “Take It In” is a wonderful song about realisation, about being positive and enjoying all that we have around us. “Out of the Dark” is the most commercially sounding track on the EP, with a memorable chorus that you will be singing to yourself for a long time to come. “Save Me (From Myself)” closes this impressive debut EP. It has a vibrant melody that again will have you singing along. It is, for me, the highlight track on the EP (and believe me there were 5 others that I considered were good enough)

A major focus for us is connecting our audience with an emotion. We’re constantly looking for ways to affect the room and help people feel something. So much of life is disconnected from reality nowadays and music is how we touch back down to earth.

Theselands have come up with a majestic debut EP that is full of surprises and atmospheric songs. It is an EP that will push this LA based band quite a few steps in the right direction, and justifiably so.

Pete Devine April 2017

Pete’s Rock News and Views .com

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