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The Zealot Journal – God In Heartbreak

Though the concept of the word brainchild might not be a difficult one to grasp, there’s a sense that when used in a musical context, it overlooks the idea of music being both instinctual and emotional. For that reason, it’s impossible to describe The Zealot Journal as the brainchild of Edinburgh’s Sandy Lance, indeed, it feels so much more than that.

Inspired as much by the gothic post-punk sounds of bands such as Bauhaus and The Cure as ‘90s behemoths such as Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins, The Zealot Journal harbour a distinctly nostalgic bent, which, when combined with the influence of neoclassical and traditional folk music, make for an aesthetic that’s both idiosyncratic, and completely beguiling.

“Because I’ve always been a pretentious wanker, my songs are often to do with theological, religious and mystical themes.” Lance explains. “There’s something primordial about music that I want to tap into.”

“‘God in Heartbreak’ is to do with grappling with the idea of the ‘personal’ God of Christianity, while having a feeling that God is beyond heartbreak and the pains of love. The gods of Paganism weren’t personal in the sense that the incarnate Christ is, but they were personal in the sense that they felt the jealousy, grief and pain of longing and heartbreak. So really it’s grappling with that.”

Four minutes of quietly understated Scottish folk, it’s a track that gently unfurls as it progresses towards a climactic conclusion. And though understated it may be, its resonance and melcholic beauty ensure its also a track that stays with you long after its closing notes.

“My ethos is the wish to carve beauty and passion – with a longing for the transcendent – into the chaos and nihilism of modernity” Lance further exaplins “and often I’m reminded of the quote by Marinetti that “Poetry must be a violent assault against the unknown forces in order to overcome them and prostrate them before men.”

The Zealot Journal – God in Heartbreak

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