The WaterStriders – “My name is EXPECTATION”

The WaterStriders – “My name is EXPECTATION”

(4 Νovember 2022, Old Bad Habits Label)

  1. House of God
  2. Love is a Friend
  3. Turning in Your Grave
  4. Can I Settle for a night
  5. I Never Die, My Name is Expectation
  6. Call me Crazy
  7. Punisher
  8. Like an Empty Train
  9. The Devil Inside
  10. Together Alone
  11. Pictures, Creatures

The Waterstriders is a fairly newly formed band, from Athens, Greece, that released a few days ago its debut full-length album, entitled “My Name is EXPECTATION”.

While the band has been with its current formation since 2020 and they have only released this one album, the “My Name Is EXPECTATION” sounds surprisingly coherent and solid. If I didn’t know that this is their debut, I would never suspected it, since The Waterstriders, apparently, present a work that feels complete both in terms of songwriting and sound shaping.

Getting to the matter at hand, The Waterstriders from Athens, musically, belong to the Brit rock sound and lean heavily towards the Garage rock sound. By taking such a simple sounding recipe, The Waterstriders manage to produce an absolutely interesting, vibrant result that offers a delightful listening experience.

Dry, distorted guitar riffs that, ironically, are really smooth and balanced, a beautiful drum sound alive and crisp with a great sounding snare, and a groovy, slightly distorted bass, are the basic elements that build the sound of The Waterstriders. Now, this garage basis is developed further, with post-punk influences, like in the song “Together Alone”, which is my personal favorite of the record. Absolutely interesting are, also, the vocal lines thanks to the singer’s distinct vocal quality, that fits perfectly in this mix of Garage, Post-punk and indie sound. I am not sure yet why, but at times the vocals reminded that of Destroyer’s, especially when there more spoken lines. I can’t say if they were influenced, still I really enjoyed them.

I don’t really have a lot to say about this release, since it is self-explanatory once you start listening to it. The “My Name is EXPECTATION”, is a fresh album, incredibly vibrant and uplifting with a great production, and catchy-forgot to mention that earlier-Brit/Garage rock tunes, that you should not miss.

Reveiew by Mr Athens 79

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