The Warbirds/Dan Jordan

The Warbirds/Dan Jordan

With three records under my belt now, all from another time and gathering dust, I am pleased to say that I am currently writing a forth collection of tunes to add to the disgruntled library in my head.

 I recently figured that it was as good a time as any to try and do something worthwhile with the material that I had penned and recorded through the years, so I have climbed back on the horse with the intent to go solo, to gig and to write material of my own once again. There has rarely been a moment where I have not been part of a band (in some form or another), so it’s nice to come home and to get back to my own way of writing and playing – I always have things I wanna say and stories that I want to tell that don’t always translate whilst wearing another man’s suit – and I do mean that graciously!

Now a trio, me (acoustic/vox), my good friend Sam (electric) and newest member Patti (violin) make up “The Warbirds. We have been re-working all the ‘classics’ from mi old records ready for the road. Money made at gigs/album sales will go towards any small, local causes that may need it. If these songs can do some good and I enjoy writing them – everyone wins, it’s what music is all about. Any ideas or suggestions in the meantime are always appreciated.

The songs on these records have always been very ‘of the time/moment’ (sometimes dated but always relevant) and I like to think that the crude recordings kinda reflect this; I mean the recordings themselves are mostly made up of first takes! They are recorded using scrounged instruments and recording spaces that I can ‘utilize’ when the opportunities arise. I like this way of recording and writing, in the way that songs come alive a lot more fluidly in the moment and not when they’re thought about too much or forced. That’s why I enjoy/not too bothered by the roughness of some of the tracks on the records. Anyway, this way of recording also allows the tunes to translate better when played live. Speaking of…the thing I love about live music – You don’t need to pick up the best instruments to get your point across. Any old instrument that’s in tune will do the trick, just sit down and tell a tale and hopefully, at least for me, the song will come through.

Anyway, get the drinks in and we look forward to meeting you all soon! In the meantime, check out the last album, available on itunes and spotify – search: “Dan Jordan, King After Midnight”.

“Ballad Of Bob Dylan” (Released 2011)
“War Is On” (Released 2016)
“King after Midnight” (Released 2018)


The Warbirds/Dan Jordan – Paupers, Tramps, Thieves

The Warbirds/Dan Jordan – Blood Ash Hill

The Warbirds/Dan Jordan – King After Midnight sample


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