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THE VIGIL unleash SINK OR SWIM new single from album HYPERVIGILANCE
Plus album promo video featuring the legendary Rockfield Studios

Bristol rockers THE VIGIL are celebrating the release of their sophomore album HYPERVIGILANCE with their latest single SINK OR SWIM. The third single to be taken from the album which explores the motivation behind following your dreams, even when others may not understand or agree with you.

Olly Smith (vocals/guitar) explains it like this:
Sink or Swim is about making a choice on whether you are just going to give up on something or see it through to its logical conclusion. Although others may not understand, it feels good to go full tilt into the unknown.“.

You can purchase or stream Sink Or Swim at all good outlets right now, check it out at SpotifyApple Music & Amazon.

You can check out the video below:

Hypervigilance track list:

Out of Plans
Fuel to Burn (the lead single)
Above the Stone
Sink or Swim
Phantom Limb
Tattooed Mannequin
Skeleton Crew
Three Monkeys
World Away
Karma’s End

The brand new album, Hypervigilance, brings a concise banger of an album with Ginger Wildheart producer Dave Draper at the helm. The album was recorded in the studio where Queen recorded two albums and features ten slamming rock anthems to be released on the bands own Fever Dog Records on the 21st August.

The album features Olly Smith, the chief songwriter on vocals and guitar, Rhys James on bass and backing vocals who also designed the cover artwork and sky diving adventurer Jamie Davenport on drums.

Olly talks about recording at Rockfield:
We intended to make a longer Rockfield Studios mini-documentary about the recording process. However when unloading our gear into the Quadrangle studio we realised we were up against it with completing a full ten song album in three days. Attempting to film ourselves would have been a distraction in getting the tracks down. This way we became fully immersed in the recording process.

Three of the songs we had not played together before and were finished in the studio, “Phantom Limb” “World Away” and “Karma’s End”. Olly finished the lyrics for “Phantom Limb” right after breakfast before recording it that day. This made these songs special for us as they truly came to life at Rockfield.

The other songs were fun to record and it was amazing to hear it coming out of the desk there for the first time. The room has a great sound, you can see why Queen recorded at the studio. We worked long days staring at 10am and going to 2 or 3am in the morning. We stayed at the Studio and worked well as a tight unit and had a great time putting together Hypervigilance”

You can buy the album directly from the band at Bandcamp or stream it on your favourite platform.

To get a preview of the album and see some behind the scenes footage from their Rockfield experience, check out the album promo video below or view it on Youtube at

The Vigil – Sink Or Swim

The Vigil – Hypervigilance Promo Trailer
+ Rockford Recording + Video Peaks

The Vigil – Fuel To Burn

The Vigil – Above The Stone

The Vigil – All You’ve Ever Done

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