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The Veiled

The Veiled

MEMBERS: Anonymous

FROM: Unknown

STYLES: Metal, Rock, Instrumental,Orchestral, Ambient.


The Veiled – Arcane review

The Veiled have just released their brand new album, an outstanding collection of tracks titled “Arcane”. This record is lively and energetic, hitting hard as you would expect from the toughest metal band, but also exploring a subtle and atmospheric side to the group’s music and aesthetics.

The album features a lot of exciting tracks, including a stand-out single titled “Tides of Time.”

This track kicks off with an intricate intro and immersive ambient tones that make for an exciting twist. The song gradually builds into a complex build-up of multi-layered textural arrangements and stunning instrumental hooks.

The highly technical guitar playing that is featured in “Tides of Time” follows a strong melodic scheme, without overpowering the artistic vision and emotional integrity of the song. In other words, this performance is technically excellent, but it’s not technicality for the sake of noodling: it’s all about great composition.

In a genre where at times the cerebral and intellectual integrity of the music overrides the emotional quality, it is refreshing to hear a band that creates thought-provoking songs with a balanced emotional feel.

The energy and spirit of “Tides of Time” are reminiscent of eminent rock bands such as “Russian Circles” or “Deaf Heaven”, just to mention a few. If you are a fan of metal music that breaks the traditional patterns and dives into a more experimental territory, this one’s for you.

by peter vidani

The Veiled – Tides of Time

The Veiled ft Alan Watts – The Speech

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