The Trusty Snakes

The Trusty Snakes

The Trusty Snakes
New American Frontier

Now Available On
Limited Edition Red Cassette


The Trusty Snakes debut album, New American Frontier, is now available on limited edition, Canadian-made, red cassette.

The Trusty Snakes are a band of washed up punk rockers, shoe cobblers, carpenters, whiz kids, and teachers. New American Frontier is their debut album. It’s ten tracks of DIY independent country music for trying, troubled, times.  It’s Johnny Cash without the religion, Dolly Parton without the theme park, and Lucinda Williams backed by a punk rock band, all tied up into one big old cry for help.

Singer Jack Nebraska describes how The Trusty Snakes came to be, “The United States feels like it’s on the edge of a cliff right now, with vitriolic anger in every corner, ready to break into a million pieces. Everybody’s thinking, “What can you do?  How do we fix this, how do we move forward?” ’ For The Trusty Snakes, the answer began in a secondhand store in Montana. While touring as members of the DIY punk band The Taxpayers, the band bought a cassette of Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger. “We must have played that cassette all the way through the ribbon.  We picked up other tapes along the way – Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Loretta Lynn, compilations with varying degrees of quality like Country Gold All Stars. It was a bonding experience, listening to these beautiful, sad American stories.”

They realized that those songs shared the same core as the punk songs The Taxpayers played out every evening on tour. “They’re all honest songs by regular folks”, Nebraska explains, “like punk rock, country music tells stories about the best and worst of us.” 

If anything unites people in the polarized landscape of today, it’s the stories of our shared experiences.  New American Frontier is filled  with them – tales of fuck ups, addicts, shitty parents and assorted oddballs, but also of lasting love, fishing trips, and new homes, built from scratch. It’s a reminder that, beyond the external divisions, the things we all share are the highs, the lows and the everything in-between of the American experience. These are songs that unite the drunks, the kindergardten teachers, the construction workers, the jobless.

From the heartbreaking waltz of “Ain’t Gonna Change” to the sacred choral harmonies of “Troubled Times” and the nod to Red Headed Stranger’s influence in the cover of “Can I Sleep In Your Arms?”, New American Frontier is an album that truly embraces the diverse sounds that make up American roots music.

New American Frontier was recorded after-hours by Ryan Sotomayor (Abolitionist, Confederacy of Dunces) in an old unitarian church in Portland, Oregon. Tuck Nelson (Nick Lowe, David Byrne) added his mastering polish.

Born of snake egg. Built of honor. Bought by none.

Jack Nebraska – singin, guitar and piano playin, songwritin
Andrew Link – guitars and strings, some songwritin, some singin
Kevin Lurkins – trumpet, organ, keys, some singin
Moondog Cassidy – drums, some singin
Ricky Frame – bass, some singin, some recordin

The Trusty Snakes – Ain’t Gonna Change

The Trusty Snakes – New American Frontier

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