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The Spase are an English Indie/alternative duo from Widnes, in Cheshire and consists of Andy Forrest (Vocals & Guitar) and Peter Walker (Bass). Andy and Peter have been in several bands together, taking on “The Spase” band name in 2012 with the desire to write, record and play for audiences.

Whilst they sight their main influences as the likes of U2, The Beatles, James and REM, they also draw on more contemporary artists, allowing The Spase to explore other sounds and styles.

The Spase cite the inspiration for much of their lyrics and music from questions arising about everyday life and the desire to expand your own knowledge or personal experiences.

The Spase are now promoting their second studio album, entitled “Either Side of Right”, the follow up to their debut album “On a cloud”. From Indie Rock to Light Acoustic, the 10 songs on “Either Side of Right” highlight the progression made since their first release. The album is recorded at Gloucester Road Studios, Widnes and produced by Simon Morris.

“Either Side of Right” is expected to be released in autumn of 2017.

The Spase – Empty Lane

The Spase – Star Child

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