The Shoutbacks

The Shoutbacks

The Shoutbacks release new EP

“Taking inspiration from the songs of the foot-stomping juke joints, the old homestead cabins and camp fires, The Shoutbacks create a contemporary interpretation of old-time Americana tunes, performed atop a combination of the driving train track rhythms and string-pluckin’ fury. While many of the songs are inspired and adapted from the pre-radio days, Civil War reels and fiddle tunes, these angelic relics are given a helping of hootenanny energy to rattle the floorboards and bring down the roof!”
— Redding’s Hamlet Hub

Connecticut folk outfit The Shoutbacks have just released their second EP, Trouble At My Door.   Its seven tracks include a mix of traditional Americana songs and original compositions, with lively instrumentation featuring banjo, harmonica, cello, and mandolin in addition to a standard rhythm section.

The band says, “This is our first release since 2012 and we’re thrilled to get it out into the world!”  Bassist Jessie May (of Owl Maker, Turkey Vulture) added, “I enjoy playing styles outside of the metal and punk realm, and I’ve learned so much about folk music from being part of The Shoutbacks.  This genre is like a sonic time machine.”
Stream and download Trouble At My Door here:


Hector Jimenez- vocals, guitars
Dan Hamilton – guitar, mandolin, vocals
Bill Burton – banjo, guitar, vocals
Jessie May – double bass

Additional Credits for Trouble At My Door

Matt Futoma – drums, percussion
Jeff Chen – cello
Dave King – harmonica, vocals

Recorded by JC Santalis at Raw Recording
Artwork by Dan Hamilton
Band Photo by Jim Clegg

The Shoutbacks – Red Rocking Chair

The Shoutbacks – Greasy Coat

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Band/Artist location – Newtown Connecticut