The Scabby Ghouls

The Scabby Ghouls

The Scabby Ghouls stream self-titled debut

Horror punks The Scabby Ghouls are now streaming the entirety of their self-titled debut over at Alternative Control.

Stream the album here:

“The Scabby Ghouls” blends party-loving punk and the macabre seamlessly for a truly fun and unique experience. Described by fans as “Scooby-Doo Punk” or “Haunted House Punk”, this band celebrates all things creepy, spooky and bizarre year-round. Whether harkening back to the Elizabeth Short murder in the ‘50s, venting in frustration at the inability to drive, or punning on everyone’s favorite Elm Street murderer, the lyrics are as gruesome as they are cheerful when delivered by the Hazards, who also handle guitar work adeptly. This album showcases the band’s ability to blend various punk sub-genres with their own unique sound for an altogether novel experience.

To celebrate the release, The Scabby Ghouls will be playing alongside other local punk and hardcore bands including Stronghold, Hand-Painted Police Car, and Dummy Head Torpedo at the Lookout Lounge on Friday March 15th 2019 at 8 P.M. (Doors at 7 P.M.). $7.00 cover, all-ages show.

The Scabby Ghouls are:
 Denise Hazard – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Louie Hazard – Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals
Alex Steffens – Bass Guitar
Nathan Christensen – Drums

Pre-order here:


The Scabby Ghouls – Knife Fight

The Scabby Ghouls – Dreaddy Krueger

The Scabby Ghouls – Scabby Ghouls

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Band location – Omaha Nebraska

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