The Rusty Nutz

The Rusty Nutz

The Rusty Nutz have a new single coming out on October 31st called ‘Tony Garage’ and will be released as a 2 track 80mm mini CD release on Halloween via Swansea based label Lavender Sweep Records.

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The band who are a four piece experimental punk noise band from Swansea, UK mixing in your face punk rock with ambient soundscapes and surreal anthems, will be playing Crowleys Rock Bar Swansea on December 7th 

ABOUT The Rusty Nutz

Swansea based experimental punk band originally formed in 1998. The band recorded and released several hundred songs on cassette between the years 1998 and 2002 before splitting. In early 2016 a number of cassettes, that were feared lost, were found, prompting the band to re-record some of the tracks for an EP called ‘Toupee or not toupee’, released in 2017. Not long after the EP’s release, the band split again, before reforming in late 2018 with a new line up of Ant Jones (vocals), Simon Jones (guitar/vocals), Martyn Kelly (bass) and Craig Rees (drums). 

The Rusty Nutz – Redder

The Rusty Nutz – Sniper

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