The New Twentys

The New Twentys 6th single ‘Dancing On A Sunday’ out now.

On July 9th we released our sixth single called ‘Dancing On A Sunday.’  This song came about with a random encounter with comedian Jimmy Carr, he said to us “all these girls are doing tracks like ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it’ but no guys have come out with ‘I can’t think straight when I’m with you’…you can have that for free.”  We then took this concept and wrote a song about a homosexual boy who grew up in a religious household and how it, wrongly, complicated his upbringing.

Harry & Jimmy Morris grew up in a musical household in Laleham where their Dad introduced them to some of the greats like Lou Reed, The Police and The Pretenders. The brothers found a natural penchant for capturing the creative energy of a tune and, at the age of 16, were fronting spikey pop-punk bands around London. Just beyond the M25, in Southend, Chris Bourne had recently turned his focus to writing. Having played bass in a successful US group, he toured the states extensively with his own brand of hook-heavy pop-punk, before burning out and heading back to his Pops’ Garage home studio. After lending his songwriting talents to several high-profile names, Chris met Harry & Jimmy somewhere through the cracks of the London live scene, “I didn’t think I had the energy to start another band. I thought Harry and J were rad guys and originally I just wanted to write for their thing,” Bourne recalls from those early days. ‘A few songs later I realised that I was emotionally invested and couldn’t imagine myself out of it, missing out on the live shows – serious case of future FOMO“.

The trio headed down the coast and set up camp at Chris’s brother’s place in Cornwall to continue writing / producing with no distractions. “This was when the sound of The New Twentys was born,” says Harry, ‘the first song we recorded on that trip was ‘Inside Out’ which set the tone for what was to follow.’ With the lack of a ‘drummer’, the three musos all have a hand in recording/programming the percussive bed for the band’s output, as well as all contributing to the lyrics, giving each track on their debut album a cohesive voice and direction. “We recorded the whole thing on an £120 scarlet interface.. we’d spend a lot of time trying to get the right sounds, although initially these were all just demos that naturally morphed into the finished track,” Chris adds. This is a group who wear their DIY ethos as a badge of honour – everything is 100% in-house and entirely independent.

“The New Twentys harness the liberating feeling of being young and bottle that bittersweet aftertaste of summers gone by.”

The 3-piece indie-pop rockers have been developing their sound over the last year, dropping critically acclaimed tracks ‘Inside Out’, ‘I Never’, ‘You Got Me Good’ and ‘I Can’t Afford Her’  in the process. This is real-talk, infectious song-writing delivered with passion from start to finish, and ‘The Way’ is no exception.

Undeniably catchy and downright likeable from the get-go, the uplifting vocal harmonies are built upon the festival-worthy foundations, weaving intricate guitar work and bass licks. On creating their new single, The New Twentys added:

“Overall it’s a feel good summer anthem that should make you wanna roll your windows down. It’s about being completely infatuated with a gentle, uninhibited girl. She has a sweet nature and wears her heart on her sleeve. A big part of her allure is her carefree attitude and positive outlook on the world…”

After racking up support from Chris Hawkins, at BBC 6 Music, Ollie Winiberg at BBC Intro Essex, Melita Dennett BBC The South and XS Manchester, few can lay claim to having such an instant impact. The New Twentys are being heard on a global scale, including spins at LA’s Idobi Radio, Triple J & Australia’s Bank Radio too. This is the start of something truly exciting, and they’d love every single one of you to join them. Who’s in?

You can catch them live at:

July 30th – Rock Oyster Festival, Cornwall
July 31st – Weekend In the Park, Essex

The New Twentys – Dancing On A Sunday

The New Twentys – The Way

The New Twentys – I Can’t Afford Her

The New Twentys – You Got Me Good

The New Twentys – I Never

The New Twentys – Inside Out

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